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The Civility Project

Civility Art Project

Express your thoughts on civility

What does Civility mean to you?

We all have personal experiences – both positive and negative – with civility on campus and in the community. We also have our own opinions about what the word “civility” really means and our own expectations of what it means to be treated civilly.

Now we want to hear from you. Take this opportunity to express those experiences and opinions and record them in Civility Hall, located in the hallway outside of ACC116. Go ahead and write something or draw something that represents your take on civility. You can do it right on the boards posted on the wall. Share a story about a time you think you experienced civility or incivility on campus and how that made you feel. Or read the quotations about civility for inspiration.

Too shy to post anything publicly? Place your story or artwork in the “Share Box” and we can post it anonymously for you. Any form will be accepted – written, drawn, digital, etc.

All posts will be left up for all to see as long as they are not malicious, because there’s just nothing civil about that.

Follow the project’s progress on this page, where we plan to post a gallery of the Civility Wall.