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Nano-Utica Response Team

With the construction of Quad C at SUNY IT and the newly announced design plans for the Nano Marcy site announced last week, Nano-Utica is becoming a reality. Quad-C at SUNY IT is scheduled to open its doors in December 2014 bringing along with it 1,500 jobs to the Mohawk Valley. The reality of Nano Utica means getting ahead of the game and preparing students for exciting and well paying careers locally.

The workforce for Quad C will not only be comprised of those with advanced degrees in STEM, but also those who have technical training and Associate Degrees obtained from MVCC. To help respond to the need of creating a workforce ready for these jobs, MVCC has already secured funds through grants such as the Trade Act Adjustment and Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant. The TAACCCT grant has provided $400,000 for the college to develop and bolster nano/semiconductor manufacturing curriculum.

For several years, the STEM Center Faculty have worked with National Science Foundation grants in highly automated manufacturing, nanomanufacturing, and atomic force microscopy.  MVCC is a partner in the Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center (NEATEC) along with CNSE, HVCC and RPI.  As a result of these activities, we have been incorporating the work into our curriculum to update it and develop labs and facilities to anticipate some of the needs.  Without a customer, we have been doing this in a limited way up until now, but, with the new emerging needs, we will be working on these efforts in full force.

Additionally, MVCC has also formed the Nano Utica Response Team (NURT) to increase the level of readiness of the college to prepare students for these new career opportunities. NURT will collect and disseminate information from parties involved in Nano Utica to the college community. They will also identify immediate and long term opportunities for MVCC regarding Nano Utica.

Members of NURT include Seyed Akhavi, Dean of the STEM Center; Bob Decker, Engineering Technologies Program Director; Franca Armstrong, Executive Director of Community and Workforce Development; and John Nehme, Career and Employer Relations Specialist.


Contact the NURT Team for more information at: