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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff are already trusted resources for students, so our office looks forward to partnering with you to make sure all students are receiving the career support they need to make informed career decisions, and have the knowledge and skills needed to navigate a successful job search and manage their career.

Let us know how we can help by contacting our office at (315) 792-5377.

Refer a Student to Our Office

Students are more likely to utilize our services when referred from someone they know.

Request a Presentation or Workshop

We partner with students, faculty/staff, and administrators to offer career-related programs for departments, classes, programs, and student organizations. Topics are customizable and can include Resume and Cover Letter Development, Job Search Strategies, Preparing for an Interview, Professionalism in the Workplace, Career Exploration, and more.

Partner with Us for a Program

It is important to connect students with alumni and industry leaders, and help them develop the skills necessary for a successful job search and career. We are happy to collaborate on a program with Alumni Speakers/Panels, Industry Speakers/Panels, Mock Interviews, or anything else that your students need.

Share Career-Related Events, Visiting Recruiters, & Employment Opportunities

Our schedule of workshops, events, and recruiter visits are posted on our website. We also share event information and job postings with faculty and departments through email.

Utilize Our Resources

We have three interactive online tools in addition to numerous handouts and other resources available for faculty/staff and students.

Internship Program Development

We can assist with site recruitment and development to enhance your department’s internship program offerings.

Communicate Academic Updates

Department liaisons are our primary contacts with your departments. Whether it’s changes in staff contacts, program changes or additions of new majors, we serve your students better when we are kept current.

Refer Alumni Mentors

Through the Alumni Career Network students can connect with alumni to ask career-related questions, seek advice, and gain insight into different careers. Alumni mentors can designate their availability and means of contact.

Refer an Employer

Our goal is to meet the organizational needs of local employers by connecting them with our highly skilled students and graduates. We offer assistance posting positions online in Career Works, on-campus recruiting, career fairs, and other programming in collaboration with academic departments.

Office of Career Services

Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM

Academic Building Room 202

1101 Sherman Drive, Utica NY 13501

(315) 792-5377

Email: Career Services

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