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What is C3?

C3 is a centralized network or connecting hub of services and resources that can aid you in your time of need.


What "things" can C3 help me with?

If you are without housing, frequently skipping meals, in need of social services, having transportation issues or any other issues outside of the classroom, C3 can help.


What resources and services can C3 connect me to?

Basic Needs:


Child Care:


Food, clothing, shelterFree access to public transportationIdentifying and utilizing available services and providersInsurance, vaccines, prevention, screening, treatment


Housing Assistance:

Income Support:

Emergency Assistance:

On-campus and community-based servicesTemporary housing, utilities, weatherization, relocationTemporary employment, tax services, financial literacy, Public AssistanceRelief and recovery, legal aid, start-up help.


Is there a food pantry on campus?

Yes! The food pantry is located in the Learning Commons of the IT Building (IT 144). It is open during College hours (8:30 AM-4:30 PM). All are welcome!