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Breanne Rathbun

Below is an example problem to use with your calculator to practice with all of the functions.  We will be working with this step by step and will fix any problems or situations that may come up.

1)  Graph the following equation and answer the questions:


-The graph will not fit entirely in the window, so next use either the zoom function or change the values in the window to see all of the details of the graph.  Determine which works for you so that you can see all of the turning points of the graph.

2)  Go into the table to estimate the locations of the minimum, maximum, and turning points

3)  Use the zero function to determine the three zeros of the function.

X1 = ______________  X2 = ____________ X3 = ___________

4)  Use both the minimum and maximum functions to locate the two minimum values of the graph as well as the maximum value

Min1 = ___________  Min2 = ___________ Max = ____________


Intersection1 = _________________  Intersection2 = ________________

6)  Practice using the solver function to confirm the zeros you found in step 3.  Insert the equation and using a guess determined from the table, find the zeros using the program.