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Board Policies for Physical Resources

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5001 Information Security (approved 3.19.12)

Mohawk Valley Community College is committed to providing its employees, students and partners with current technology and computing resources (i.e. computers, laptops, electronic mail, the Internet, and related electronic products).  These resources are provided to employees, students and partners to provide support for their jobs and education, and are to be used for legitimate business or academic purposes in serving the mission, vision and purpose of the College. 

Information Systems, defined as all Internet/Intranet/Extranet-related systems, wired and wireless, including but not limited to computer and telephone equipment, software, operating systems, electronic files, databases, data and image storage media and user-accounts which provide services, are the sole property of MVCC and are made available to the MVCC community for appropriate use only.

All appropriate use of any computing resources as described above shall follow established Information Technology procedure.  Each authorized user in the College community must comply with MVCC’s standards for appropriate use as expressed in the procedure, which strives to protect employees, students, partners and the College from illegal or damaging actions committed, either knowingly or unknowingly, by individuals who use these resources.  The procedure may be found at (link)  or in the Information Technology Office.

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5002 Public Order (approved 3.19.12)

Rules governing maintenance of public order on the Utica and Rome campus and other property used for educational purposes by Mohawk Valley Community College shall be established and maintained by the administration of the College and are found at (link) or in the Public Safety Office.

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5003 Visitors Policy (approved 3.19.12)

Visitors are welcome on campus.  However, they are expected to abide by the same rules that apply to students, where applicable.  Action, including expulsion, may be taken against any and all persons who loiter and have no proper or acceptable reason for presence on campus.

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5004 Alcoholic Beverages (approved 3.19.12)

The serving and possession of alcoholic beverages on all MVCC property is prohibited.  Exception to this policy can be made with the written approval of the College President or his/her designee.  Alcohol policy procedures are documented and can be found at the following (link) or in the President’s Office.

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5005 Public Safety (approved 3.19.12)

A principle responsibility of the College is to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and the public. The College shall establish and maintain a set of procedures to insure this responsibility is met.  These procedures may be found at (link) or on file in the Public Safety Office.

Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations

Use of the roadways and parking areas is a privilege restricted to persons who have a direct relationship with the College.  The object of these regulations is to provide more effective and convenient use for all.  Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Regulations are enforced throughout the year, including vacation periods. Parking regulations can be found at (link) or in the Public Safety office.

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5006 Use of College Facilities (approved 3.19.12; amended 5.10.12)

Any unauthorized use of College facilities is prohibited. The primary use of College facilities is academic.  No activity should conflict with the normal teaching and learning programs conducted by the College. Activities should be consistent with the mission of the College. The administration will establish and maintain a set of procedures consistent with this policy.  Procedures for use of College facilities can be found at (link) or in the Office of Events.

Domestic animals are not allowed in College buildings with the following exceptions:
• service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
• animals used in research and teaching;
• animals allowed as pets under any Dorm Corporation pet policy agreement for full-time
staff or faculty-in-residence
• animals participating in a function or event sponsored by or permitted by the College
• animals performing official law enforcement functions

Any domestic animals on College grounds must be in the control of their owners in accordance with the ordinances of the Cities of Utica and Rome. Under no circumstances should animals be allowed to run loose or be tied to buildings, handrails, trees, bicycle racks, or other objects. Owners of domestic animals will be responsible for any damage incurred by their animals to College grounds or facilities. Any infractions or complaints regarding infractions should be brought to the attention of Public Safety (5566). Public Safety will arrange to remove unauthorized animals from campus without notice. For reasons of health and sanitation, students may not keep pets of any type in the residence halls, other than as provided for through documented Dorm Corporation policy.

“The College shall reserve the right to not provide access to College facilities to any non-college organization or individual whose purpose is to provide a program or service that operates in conflict or competition with the mission or any program or service of the College.”

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5007 Master Plan (approved 3.19.12)

The Board will work with the administration to develop and maintain a master plan per SUNY guidelines.  The Board shall adhere to the master plan in guiding all major capital projects.  The master plan shall be reviewed periodically and updated as needed.

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5008 Smoking (approved 3.19.12, revised 4.20.15)

Smoking and all tobacco and tobacco-related products are prohibited on all College premises, which are defined as all buildings, facilities, and grounds owned, used, leased, operated, controlled or otherwise supervised by the College. Up-to-date procedures for the tobacco policy. – effective August 15, 2016.

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5009 Social Media (approved 9.21.15)

Mohawk Valley Community College acknowledges the use of social media as an important tool to enhance communication that reflects the vision, mission, strategic plan and values of the College.  Social media may only be used in accordance with the policies, procedures and guidelines as set forth by the College. 

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