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Board of Trustee - By Laws

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1006 E. Recognition

Procedures: Open Forum

In the interest of improved communications and access to the Board of Trustees, the Board wishes to provide an opportunity for citizens to address the Board at their regular meetings. As of January 3, 2012, the Board will provide such opportunity, under the following guidelines.

A. Persons wishing to speak to the Board should notify the Secretary to the Board
not later than the close of the business day prior to the Board of Trustees
meeting, with a written statement of the topic they wish to address. The
Secretary to the Board of Trustees is presently located in Room 305, Payne Hall.

B. Each individual will be permitted a maximum of 10 minutes for their presentation. The aggregate amount of time for the presentation of viewpoints at any one Board meeting will not exceed 30 minutes. The Chair of the Board will call upon those who wish to speak immediately prior to the consent agenda section of the Board meeting or at the Chair’s discretion.

C. The Secretary to the Board will accept all requests to speak and maintain a
continuing list of petitioners for subsequent Board meetings. If a petitioner
wishes to withdraw a request, he/she must notify the Secretary to the Board.

D. While the Trustees may take up the issue raised under New Business, dialogue
with the Trustees is not part of the Open Forum.

E. The format of the Open Forum is subject to change by the Trustees if it proves
detrimental to the conduct of the Board's business.

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Board Policy Review

All policies will be presented to the Board first as a first reading on the meeting agenda for discussion.  The following meeting agenda will include the policy as an item for action unless further discussion is necessary.   The only exception to the approval schedule will be if all Board members are present and unanimously approve the policy as the first reading.

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Committees of the Board

Audit and Finance

Academic and Student Success

Facilities & Campus Safety

Governance Committee

Personnel Committee

Nominating Committee

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