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Administrative Procedures for Academic Affairs

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6001 Degrees


Micro-Credentials should be offered in a stepped format, meaning that MVCC will provide the initial opportunity to earn a Micro-Credential on a limited scale, allowing for adjustments to the program and policies as the institution becomes more familiar with market potential and operational issues. 
The initial offering format should be:
• A credit bearing Micro-Credential
• Micro-Credentials should consist of 3 - 5 courses with a minimum of 9 credit hours.
General Policy Recommendations for Micro-Credentials
1. Classes that require pre-requisites must be met with the same criteria currently in place.
2. There is no limit to the number of Micro-Credentials that a student may earn.
3. Classes previously taken as part of a program may be used toward a Micro-Credential.   Existing programs may have Micro-Credentials imbedded in them, therefore all classes taken would apply to both the Micro-Credential & the student’s Associate Degree.  
4. Residency Policy: To earn an MVCC Micro-Credential, the majority of the courses must be taken at MVCC.
5. Coursework within the Micro-Credential must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. 
6. Prior to signing up for a Micro-Credential, a student must be approved by the department offering the Micro-Credential.
7. Grandfather Policy: No course may be applied to a Micro-Credential that was completed more than five years prior to their application.  Departments may determine any length requirement under five years as specific disciplines deem necessary.
8. Substitutions for courses listed as required for a Micro-Credential must be approved by the Associate Dean of the department offering the Micro-Credential.
9. Proposals for new or revised Micro-Credentials must be initiated by person of academic rank. Proposals may be submitted by an individual, a pair, or a team of individuals. Only the initiator must have academic rank.
10. All Micro-Credential proposals must be submitted to the College-Wide Curriculum Committee for curricular approval, as well as to the Associate Dean of the Department, the Dean of the School which houses the courses or program, and the Vice President of Learning & Academic Affairs.

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6008 College Curriculum

Upon approval of the College Wide Curriculum Committee, the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs and the Board of Trustees, new program proposals will be forwarded to SUNY and then to the State Education Department for system and State approval.

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