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ATD How it Works

ATD Team Flow Chart


  • The expectation is that the Data Team, Policies & Procedures, and any Implementation Team will communicate directly to Core in order to maintain awareness of all activities being undertaken.
  • Implementation Teams: Newly developed teams to strategize & address gaps as identified by student & faculty focus groups.
  • P/P/S has been disbanded as of 11/24/15 due to redundancy and workgroups fall directly under the purview of Core.

Achieving the Dream is led by a Core Team of faculty, staff, and Trustees. They have responsibility for leadership, communication, and strategy of ATD and are the bridge connecting ATD activities with all other elements of MVCC's Strategic Plan. The team is led by Stephanie Reynolds, Maria Ramos, and Jill Heintz and their charter is found here.

One of the Core Team's primary responsibilities is ATD planning and communicating MVCC's plans to Achieving the Dream's national headquarters. In May 2015, MVCC identified students' reading performance and their preparedness to use technology as the two main areas to address in the first year of MVCC implementation. Read the full implementation plan here.

It is important to remember that ATD implementation is a team effort! Teams are created, and may grow or shrink, as the process moves forward, at the discretion of the Core Team. To keep the community abreast, additional team charters are here: