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Leadership and Contacts

If you have an issue and/or concern and would like it to bring to the attention of the Executive Committee, please contact one of the Directors at Large listed below.  For Grievance matters, please contact the Grievance Committee Chair directly.

Executive Committee

Bill Dustin

Vice President
Shane McGovern

Jennifer DeWeerth

Deanna Ferro-Aurience

Directors At-Large
Jean Leandre
Stephanie Verostek

Grievance Committee

Shane McGovern (VP, Chair and Committee Contact)
Morris Pearson (2019)
Stephanie Verostek (2018)

On-Going Joint Committee (OJC)

Bill Dustin (Committee Contact)
Shane McGovern
Jean Leandre

Negotiations Committee

Bill Dustin (Chair and Committee Contact)
Shane McGovern
Joe Woodrow
Stephanie Verostek

Nominations Committee

Janet Visalli (Chair and Committee Contact)
Stephen Frisbee
James Maio

Promotion Appeals Committee

Rosemary Spetka (Chair and Committee Contact)
Gary Broadhurst
Julie Dewan
Stephen Frisbee
Joe Woodrow

Scholarship Review Committee

Deanna Ferro-Aurience (Chair and Committee Contact)
Mark Montgomery
Timothy Thomas