Inesha Briggs

MVCC 2019 alumna Inesha Briggs has been recruited to the position of Community, Equity & Inclusion Engagement Coordinator for the HomeOwnershipCenter (HOC). In this position, Briggs will be responsible for providing leadership in the creation, development and performance of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the communities HOC serves.

"I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am without MVCC," said Briggs. "This opportunity came as a huge surprise, but after reading through the job description and talking with my peers, it was clear this opportunity was well-aligned with my long-term goals and experiences." 

This is a brand new position at the HomeOwnershipCenter and it is not entirely clear what Briggs' specific role will be in the community, but she plans to hit the ground running by developing a strategic plan with measurable deliverables from the very beginning.