Rick and Wendy Short

This love story begins in in 1966, when Rick and Wendy attended first grade together at Clinton Road Elementary School, now Robert E. Myles Elementary School, in New Hartford, N.Y. They played on the same playground; had the same art, music, and gym teachers; went to the same after-school events; and participated in the same reading group — though they never shared the same homeroom. At the end of fourth grade, Rick moved away and the couple was separated.

Fast-forward to 1977: Rick and Wendy both entered their freshman year at MVCC. They shared some classes and began spending a lot of time together. Their mutual appreciation of rock and roll, the Central New York region, science, cars, and each other began to pay dividends. They started dating seriously. While on breaks between classes, spent grabbing ice cream, bowling, or sharing lunch, they'd lament over chemistry challenges and math frustrations. And, of course, they'd discuss Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Van Halen, Boston, and The Rolling Stones. At the end of the day, they'd each head to their homes, her in her '76 Firebird and he in his '69 GMC pickup truck. 

Wendy transferred to Utica University and Rick went to work at Homogeneous Metals (for four years) — all to the soundtrack of the Bee Gees, Meatloaf, and Styx. They became engaged and were married. He was driving a sweet '67 Camaro by then. They began married life in a small fixer-upper in Sauquoit. He started working at Indium Corporation, where he's now been for 39 wonderful years, and, one by one, their two sons arrived.

As the years flew by, their vehicles became more practical (think Dodge Caravan), and their houses had to make room for a growing family, but they always remember those simpler days at MVCC — in the labs, in the library, flagging each other down in the parking lot, and walking the campus.

Rick and Wendy still enjoy technology, our community, The Rolling Stones, and cool old vehicles. Here they are pictured with their '51 Chevy Cab-Over, grabbing ice cream at Tasty Treat; some things never change.

Another thing that will always be the same is their appreciation for MVCC — for giving them both an excellent start in their careers and in life, for introducing them to lifelong friends, and for hosting their reunion which led to their 40-year marriage. In Rick's words: "We're still going strong. Just like MVCC."

Photo by John Waire