The goal for MVCC ‘s use of starfish is to assist students with understanding their academic progress at any given time in the semester by the use of flags and kudos as well as make it easier for them to connect with their support/success team. 

Quick Start Guide for Faculty


Flags are a communication between a faculty member and a student.  The intent of the flag is to allow a faculty member to further draw the attention of a student in their course to a particular classroom issue.  At any point of the semester, a faculty member may raise a flag for a particular student. 



Kudos are an opportunity for faculty or staff to encourage/praise students for their work/effort. Kudos are left in the system for the entire semester and do not need to be “closed”.



Referrals are to be raised for a student when a faculty member believes a student would benefit, or the student indicates they wish for assistance from an office at the college.  Referrals can be made at any time of the semester.  Students do not have to wait for a referral for assistance, they may also contact the offices directly. 



To do’s are tasks you can assign to students to help them accomplish their goals or bring attention to items students should complete.  To Do’s can be assigned by anyone in the student’s success network.


Surveys are a check point to report on student progress throughout the semester.  Currently, surveys are administered in weeks 2, 4, and 10 of the fall and spring semesters.  They are distributed to all active sections at the time of the survey.

Automated Mid-Term Notifications

An automatic flag gets raised for the student who has two or more unsuccessful grades (D, F) at the mid-term.  This flag goes directly to the student and no further action needs to be taken.  Mid-term flags automatically clear at the end of the semester.

Starfish Training & Support

Please contact the Dean of your school for support regarding Starfish.