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Joe Griffin

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Joe Griffin

Electrical Services Technician

Air Conditioning Technology

Dislocated Worker

Began 2009

"Being a first time college student, I had no idea how to begin the process of enrolling or scheduling classes.  Adult Learner Services was willing and able to assist me with all aspects of the college process, one step at a time."

In April 1988 I began working as a labor worker at the Stone Container Corporation in Melvindale MI, by 1996 I had worked my way to a supervisor over 9 employees, I did this even though I had no formal education, however I received my GED in the summer of 1997, and in December 2001 I found myself laid off. 

April 2, 2002 I relocated my family to New Hartford NY and begun working as a supervisor at Smurfit-Stone Corporation in New Hartford NY, on March 5 2009 I found myself once again without a job due to the tough economic times, know I was again faced with the harsh truth, do I uproot the family and take on another job in another state that may or may not last or do I return to college and train for a new career? After reviewing my options with my family, it was decided that I would enroll at MVCC.

June was my first experience with the Adult Learner Services, I can remember walking into the office, not knowing what to expect, Patti was quick to set my mind at ease, she sat and explained all the thing that I could expect as an Adult student, all the different services available to assist me during the earning of my degree.

Because I had never been in college, I had no ideal how to schedule classes. All my fears were relieved when I went to Adult Learner Services and sat with them to explain my goals. They assisted me with putting my entire schedule together.

I am still so very grateful how helpful Patti was and still is making sure that my college experience is a positive one.
So to Adult Learner Services, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart I will never be able to repay this department for everything they have done for me and my education.”