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Adult Peer Mentor Program

Adult Peers Providing Purpose

Wonder where you need to go to accomplish things on campus? Want to know how the Learning Center works? Feeling lost? Do you wish you knew others like you on campus?

GOAL:  The goal of the Adult Peers Providing Purpose mentoring program is to assist adult students with the transition to Mohawk Valley Community College.

Mentors are current students who have been attending MVCC for more than one semester.  Mentors are tasked with assisting students with the following challenges:

Integration into all aspects of campus to include:

  • Their sense of purpose and belonging on campus as an adult
  • Recommendations for participation in campus events/clubs
  • Troubleshooting common first semester issues/ navigating college systems
  • Building the necessary skills to become more effective learners

Additionally, drop in mentoring is available through the Returning Adult Student Association Meetings. These meetings are held twice a month and help students cope with the struggles they are having on campus.

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