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Dislocated Workers FAQ

FAQ's: Dislocated Workers

I have been laid-off from my job and would like to return to school for a new career. Where should I begin?

The Adult Learner Services staff is available for you to meet one on one to discuss your educational goals. We will take you step by step through the process of admissions, financial aid, and registering for class. We are available to assist you both on the MVCC Utica Campus and the Oneida Working Solutions Office.

How do I know what jobs are in high demand in the Mohawk Valley? What majors at MVCC relate to these jobs?

There are several resources to obtain information on career specifics including but not limited to our Career Services. They can help you ascertain what field of study may be closely related to your previous experience or help you determine the best plan of action for you.

Are there any special programs available to dislocated workers to help pay for my tuition at MVCC?

There is an opportunity for individuals to qualify for scholarship monies though the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  Those interested should contact their local Working Solutions Offices, CNY Works, or CDO Workforce Office for more information.

If I apply for 599, will my unemployment benefits be extended to cover the time it takes me to complete my certificate or degree?

The 599 program allows those who are approved to not have to actively search for work when they are enrolled in training that consists of at least 12 hours per week or 12 credit hours (full-time status). The program MAY extend your unemployment benefits for a maximum of an additional 26 weeks. This extension is based on available funds and is conditional upon where you currently are in your unemployment benefit. There is NO guarantee that 599 will continue to pay benefits throughout the entirety of your education.