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Dislocated Workers

Losing a job is never easy; however, retraining for a new career can be exciting!

Mohawk Valley Community College has retrained many dislocated workers for new careers. MVCC's student population consists of numerous adult students (age 25 or older) who have come back to school to begin a "new" career. Here at MVCC, we pride ourselves on encouraging and enhancing the success of an adult student's educational and personal experience. We are familiar with and attentive to the needs of returning adult students and, in particular, the "dislocated worker"

instructor assisting nursing student in hpspitalThe key to retraining successfully is choosing a program that is both personally interesting and marketable. There are several tools through MVCC and Working Solutions to assist students who are interested in finding a new career. Interest inventories and personal assessment tools such as CareerZone and FOCUS can assist individuals who are looking into a new career path.

It is imperative for dislocated workers to work closely not only with their training provider of choice but also with their Working Solutions Office as they can assist dislocated workers through their unemployment benefits and provide them with other opportunities to alleviate some of the costs of retraining.