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Placement Scoring Chart

NextGen Accuplacer Scores: 2018-2019 (page 1)

NextGen Accuplacer Scores: 2018-2019 (page 2)

MVCC - Next-Gen ACCUPLACER Cut Scores and Course Placement



Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement
NGA1266 or aboveReady for college level reading
241 to 261

DS090 Academic Reading and SO101 Introduction to  Sociology or PY101 Introduction to Psychology

240 or belowDS051 Essential Reading/Study Skills and ED112 Critical Thinking and Reasoning



Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement

EN101 English 1 Composition or EN110 Oral and Written Communications*

EN105 English Composition for Speakers of Other Languages**

EN106 English Composition and Reading***

0004ESL English as a Second Language
0003EN099 Introduction to College English
0002EN090 Basic Writing Skills
0001Score Pending

*ONLY for appropriate Technology majors        **ONLY for non-native English speakers        ***ONLY for students who scored less than 261 on reading



Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement
NGA2236 or belowMA089*
237 to 262

         MA090 Essential Math**, MA096 Mathematical Literacy**, or                 MA 091 Introduction to Algebra***

Students requiring BM129 that score in this range may take BM129 as a co-requisite with MA090 or MA091 as appropriate for their major.

*unless the required math course is MA105      **for students enrolled in non-STEM majors     ***for students enrolled in STEM majors or who will need to take MA115 or MA171.  MA091 is required, unless the required math course is MA105


Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement
NGA3237 or Above

MA108 Concepts in Mathematics or MA110 Elementary Statistics

MA115 Intermediate Mathematics or MA171 Foundations of Mathematics*

269 or AboveMA131 Finite Mathematics

*ONLY for appropriate Education majors.        **Students who score below a 237 in NGA3 will be administered the Arithmetic test.  


Test CodeTest ScoreCourse Placement
NGA4*237 or above

MA121 Fundamentals of College Math or MA125 College Algebra and Trigonometry

MA139 College Algebra

263 to 275MA150 Pre-Calculus
276 or aboveMA151 Calculus

*If NGA4* is below 237, advisors should check the BANNER screen SOATEST for NGA3 score

SAT/ACT Exemptions

SAT/ACTTest Code 
 SAT1**Reading: 560, Students are ready for college level reading and EN 101
 SAT2*Math: 530 Students are able to schedule for MA108, MA110, MA115, and MA171
 ACTRReading: 21, Students are ready for college level reading
 ACTMMath: 19, Students are able to schedule for MA108, MA110, MA115, and MA171
 ACTWWriting: 8 or above, Students are ready for EN101 English Composition