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Grading Policy

Grades consist of the following:


  • A Excellent
  • B Good
  • C Satisfactory
  • D Poor
  • F Failure
  • W Withdrawn prior to the official last date established by the
  • Office of Records & Registration
  • S Satisfactory (midterm only)
  • U Unsatisfactory (midterm only)
  • I Incomplete (temporary)
  • ON Ongoing
  • AU Audit
  • NR is not a grade, but a symbol indicating that a grade was not submitted.

The grade of I (incomplete) may be assigned when students have not completed a small portion of the course for reasons beyond their control. The instructor, in consultation with the student will establish a written plan which describes how the outstanding work will be completed. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the instructor, who will then establish a time frame in which work must be completed. Completion of all work will not be later than the end of the following regular semester. The instructor will submit a grade by the next to the last day of classes of that term. If no grade is submitted, the Director of Student Records and Registration will convert the I (Incomplete) to an F.

W grade appears on the record but does not affect the student’s grade point average. W grades count in attempted hours.

An ON grade is given when a student cannot complete the work of a developmental course during one semester or when the student is taking a course which extends over the end of a semester. The grade will remain valid as long as the student is registered in that course or an acceptable equivalent course in each succeeding regular semester.

Students who receive an ON grade in a course must enroll in that or an acceptable equivalent course in the succeeding regular semester. Tuition for this course will be charged according to regular tuition rates. For that succeeding semester, the student must receive a grade of A, B, C, D, F, W, or, if applicable ON. Otherwise, the original ON will be changed to an F.

Students expelled from a specific course, or expelled or suspended from the college, will receive a final grade for each course as determined by the faculty member’s grading policy. However, grades of Incomplete or Ongoing (ON) are not options. Any assignments not completed as of the date of suspension (expulsion) will be factored into grade calculations as zeros.