Would you like an adjunct voice mail box?

You may request a guest voice mail box so that students and colleagues may contact you by telephone.   This is not a telephone number where people may speak to you directly.  It is for voice mail only.

How Someone Leaves a Voice Mail Message for You:

To reach you by voice mail, students and others dial 315-792-5389.  They will be asked for an extension number, which will be unique to your voice mail box.  If you set up voice mail service, please be sure to give students, colleagues and others both the telephone number and extension assigned to you. 

Retrieving Your Voice Mail Messages:

Once you have a voice mail box, you may access your voice mail from on- or off-campus by dialing Ext. 7000(from an on-campus telephone) or 792-5690 (from an off-campus telephone).  Please note that the off-campus phone number to access to voice mail is for retrieving your voice mail messages only.  It is not the number to call to leave a voice mail message.

Your voice mail account enables you to create a personal greeting. Directions for creating a voice mail greeting are provided in the Call Pilot User Guide, available in each office desk or from Karen Dean (see contact information below).

How to Request a Guest Voice Mail Box:

E-mail Karen Dean at  or call her at 792-5468 between 8am and 3:30pm.  She will provide you with a voice mail extension that students, colleagues and others may use to leave a voice mail message. 

Remember that students, colleagues and others who wish to leave a voice mail message for you should call 315-792-5389 and enter your unique extension number to leave a voice mail message.