We know many of you have expressed interest in gaining a better understanding of what the fall semester will look like as it relates to student life, specifically, your clubs, organizations, leadership training, applied learning opportunities, and co-curricular transcripts. While the protocols established below represents our current thinking, please know that these protocols may change as a result of guidance from the State, SUNY, and the College. 

While the college experience may be different from what we have had in the past, we must consider student, faculty, and staff safety first. We are committed to promoting a new and invigorating college experience for everyone, and your role as a Club Leader or Advisor will play a significant part of this process. Creating opportunities for students to connect and engage in co-curricular experiences is critical to our goal of promoting a holistic student experience and preparing the leaders of tomorrow.


We have secured the Theater for the semester in the event Student Congress decides to host meetings on campus. We anticipate that nearly all clubs will need to conduct their recurring club meetings virtually. Given space availability and capacity restrictions for social distancing, there will not be sufficient venues to accommodate all club meetings in-person. Hosting meetings virtually will permit those students who are completing their studies online the opportunity to connect with your group. The Student Engagement & Leadership Office has procured a number of Zoom accounts that provides the full functionality of the platform as opposed to the free version available. Accounts will be managed by Crystal Strain (315-792-5386 or cstrain@mvcc.edu) for both the Utica and Rome campus.    

Our staff will continue to be available to assist you in scheduling and organizing your meetings. As clubs complete their 10-member lists and submit them to Student Engagement & Leadership, Zoom meetings will be set up based on the day/time each club has requested on their 10-member list. All our forms are fillable, can be saved on your PC and emailed to us.

Hosting an Event, Trip or Program

While we highly encourage you to think about how to host events, trips or programs remotely, we understand not all activities work in this platform.  Clubs may make a request through the Student Engagement & Leadership Office to host a program or activity. Reviews will be based on a case by case basis and will include the following considerations – all of which are subject to change without prior notice:  

  • All trips will be reviewed on a case by case basis and this review will be fluid in nature as a result of guidance from the State, SUNY, and the College.
  • Contact tracing forms will be required for all events, trips, and programs.
  • Personal face masks must be required for entry into all events, trips or programs. 
  • Social distancing requirements must always be maintained. 
  • Events structured around physical exercise, performance and musical rehearsal/practices will be restricted to online events, due to the increased risk of coronavirus transmission associated with these kinds of activities.
  • Event marketing should remind participants to follow public health guidelines such as wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. 
  • Clubs should implement live streaming (Facebook live or Instagram live) for any in person program that does not conflict with copyright law or contractual agreements. 
  • No communal food (buffets, etc.) shall be permitted. All food must be individually prepared by an approved facility or pre-packaged store bought. Homemade foods are restricted. 
  • Events should be no longer than 90 minutes in length (from arrival to departure). 
  • Clubs looking to contract outside services must ensure and provide documentation that those vendor(s) will comply with campus standards for social distancing, cleanliness, etc. Please note there will be a limit to the number of hired personnel permitted at any one program.
  • Event capacity may not exceed the adjusted room capacities for social distancing. Outdoor venues will also have established capacities on the current guidelines established by the state.

Venue Availability and Capacities 

Because of established social distancing guidelines, room capacities will be adjusted. There will be attendance capacities for outdoor venues, as well, and these will be driven by the current guidelines established by the State. As of this writing, indoor and outdoor events will be limited to a maximum of 50 persons.