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Read and Write Gold

Read & Write Gold software Icon(Read & Write Gold Version 11 Icon)

What is it?

Read and Write Gold is a reading, writing, studying and research support tool designed to help every student succeed.

How can it be used?

When reviewing final papers, check out the "text-to-speech" feature to listen to your paper as it is read to you. You can also use the phonetic spell checker, which will pick up some errors that Microsoft Word will not.

When reading research material online, completing an online test through blackboard or reading digital textbooks, you can use the "text-to-speech" feature to assist with having the material read out loud to you.

When writing papers, use the "speech-to-text" feature to speak what you want to write and it will be typed for you. You will need to use a microphone or headset with a microphone and also train the software to recognize your voice. There's also a dictionary and word prediction to assist with your writing.

Where can I find it?

MVCC Blackboard account- which can be accessed from any personal or school computer


Information on Accessing and Using Read & Write's Features:

Accessing Read & Write Gold 11 in Blackboard

Text-to-Speech Instructions

Speech-to-Text Instructions

Common Commands in Speech Recognition

Converting Text to a Sound File


If you have any questions or need help using Read & Write, contact the Office of Accessibility Resources at 315-792-5644 or email:

Interim ADA/504 Coordinator
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources
Phone: 315-731-5813

Utica Campus
Office of Accessibility Resources
Daniel Boggs, Testing Accommodations Specialist
Payne Hall Room 104H
Phone: 315-792-5644
Learning, Autism & ADHD Disabilities:
Katelyn DiCastro, Transition Support Specialist
Phone: 315-792-5413
Other Disabilities:
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources
Phone: 315-731-5702
Rome Campus
Student Services Office
Plumley Complex 102G
Phone: 315-334-7709

Michelle Luvisi
College Services Associate
Disability Support
Phone: 315- 334-7744