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Documentation Guidelines

Disability Documentation Guidelines

In order to receive disability-related accommodations and services, students with disabilities must provide the Office of Accessibility Services, formally known as the Disability Services Office on the Utica Campus (or the Student Services Office on the Rome Campus) with current professional documentation that clearly supports all requests for accommodations. This information will be kept confidential, shared only as provider restrictions and student wishes permit. 

The following information is required:

1. The “name” and a complete description of the disability, including whether it is permanent or temporary and whether the individual’s condition is improving, stable, inconsistent, or deteriorating;

2. The effect the disability is likely to have on the student’s studies, attendance, and participation as a college student. This should include a description of the functional limitations and deficits resulting from the disability, as well as those resulting from any medications or procedures that are required to treat the disability. Any activities the student should or must avoid should also be described;

3. Suggestions for services and accommodations the student may require.

Documentation can be copies of existing materials or a signed, dated letter on letterhead from an appropriately credentialed professional who has worked with the individual in dealing with the disability.

For students who received special education services in high school, the most recent IEP and psychological (or psycho-educational) evaluation are required.

For mental health disabilities, information must come from a psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed mental health professional.

For physical disabilities, information should be from the treating physician or other medical professional directly involved in the student’s disability-related care.

For learning disabilities that were diagnosed post-high school, results of the most recent diagnostic testing or psychological evaluation are required.

Documentation for Utica and Rome Students may be mailed or faxed to:

Mohawk Valley Community College

1101 Sherman Drive

Utica, NY 13501

Fax: (315)731-5868

Phone: (315) 792-5644


ADA/504 Coordinator
Jimsak Daoreuang, Director of Accessibility Resources
Phone: 315-731-5813

Utica Campus
Office of Accessibility Resources
Daniel Boggs, Testing Accommodations Specialist
Payne Hall Room 104H
Phone: 315-792-5644
Learning, Autism & ADHD Disabilities:
Katelyn DiCastro, Transition Support Specialist
Phone: 315-792-5413
Other Disabilities:
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources
Phone: 315-731-5702
Rome Campus
Student Services Office
Plumley Complex 102G
Phone: 315-334-7709

Michelle Luvisi
College Services Associate -
Disability Support
Phone: 315- 334-7744