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Dental Hygiene

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Mohawk Valley Community College and SUNY Canton are joint sponsors of the Dental Hygiene program that is currently offered on MVCC’s Rome campus and the Rome VA Outpatient Medical Facility.

Students can take pre-requisite courses for consideration into SUNY Canton’s Dental Hygiene program at Mohawk Valley Community College. Students needing to take pre-requisites can apply to MVCC and be accepted into our General Studies program.   Students taking pre-reqs will pay MVCC tuition and take MVCC courses designed to transfer to SUNY Canton.

Since SUNY Canton is the primary sponsor of this program, students must seek admission into the actual Dental Hygiene program through SUNY Canton, pay SUNY Canton tuition, and will earn their degree from SUNY Canton.

MVCC receives five seats for students to transfer into the SUNY Canton program.  This program is very selective and taking pre-requisite courses does not guarantee admission into SUNY Canton’s program.

Transfer students can take pre-requisite courses at MVCC but should apply to SUNY Canton if initial requirements are met.  The initial GPA for consideration is a 2.75.

SUNY Canton does not accept students straight from high school. Prospective students, including high school students who are not admitted through the SUNY Canton Select program, can take general education courses at MVCC before applying to the program.

Minimum requirements for admission into SUNY Canton include:

1. Regents level Chemistry in high school with a minimum of 75 on the NYS Regents Exam-or- completion of a College level Chemistry course with a lab with a C grade or higher. (Chem 111/112 at MVCC )

2. 2 years of Regents level Math in high school with a minimum of 75 on the NYS Regents Exam -or- completion of College Intermediate Algebra with a C grade or higher. (Recommend MA 115 at MVCC)

3. College level Anatomy & Physiology I (BI 216 at MVCC)

All pre-requisites must be completed prior to the application deadline. Any general education courses “in progress” during the spring semester will not be taken into consideration when reviewing and ranking the applicants. General biology is not required as a pre-req. Anatomy & Phys is a higher level course and fulfills the pre-requisite.



Students attending MVCC are encouraged to take the following courses to meet pre-requisites general education requirements:

Chemistry- required for students to take Anat & Phys I (BI 216) at MVCC.

Anat & Phys I (BI 216) – required

Anat & Phys II (BI 217) – strongly encouraged

Microbiology (BI 201) – strongly encouraged

Oral and Written Communication (ENGL110 preferred but ENGL101, 102, 147 or other SUNY Gen Ed #10 Basic Communication approved course will transfer)

Intermediate Algebra (MA 115)

Nutrition (BI 151)

Psychology (PY101)

Sociology (SO101)

Cultural Anthropology (AN 102)** (SUNY Canton encourages students to take this course when/if they are matriculated into the AAS program at SUNY Canton)

**Please note the minimum GPA for consideration at SUNY Canton is a 2.75.    You can see SUNY Canton’s ranking form.


Students who completed SUNY Canton’s program earn an AAS degree. SUNY Canton receives between 85-100 applications each year so admission is competitive since they can only accept a class of 25 students each fall. All applications are due February 1st and students can apply online at the SUNY Canton website.

MVCC and SUNY Canton encourage students to complete the majority of the General Education courses prior to matriculation into the Dental Hygiene program. Completing these courses increases the likelihood of success to allow more study time for the rigorous dental sciences and clinical rotations.

To aid in the selection process, the dental hygiene department has developed a ranking form where candidates are awarded points for their science GPA and overall GPA. Applicants who have completed A& P I and II as well as Micro earn more points on the ranking form. You can SUNY Canton’s ranking form for students here.

Contact Information:
Please contact Pamela Quinn with further questions:

RDH, BSE, MSEd Curriculum Coordinator for the AAS Dental Hygiene Program Rome Campus
125 Brookley Road
Rome, New York 13440
Phone: (315) 336-3484
Fax: (315) 336-3485