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Current Events/Updates

Spring Semester Update

The CyberHawks are back in action and meeting weekly on Friday’s from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in IT 226. Any students that are interested in participating in the club are welcome to join. Also, you do not need to attend on Friday’s in order to be a member and partake in the fun! Contact the newly elected president Joe Rimmer or one of the faculty advisors, James Rice or Jake Mihevc in order to find out more details of how you can participate remotely.

The Spring CNY Hackathon hosted at Utica College is fast approaching and registration is now open. There are only 100 spots available after which registration will close, so head over to and register now!

Fall Semester Update

Welcome back students! As you may have noticed, the campus is currently under construction. A lot of construction. And from the chaos, a new Cyberlab was born! Come see the newly renovated rooms upstairs at IT 226 & 227, the new home for all things MVCC Cyber. We are extremely excited about this new development, because not only were the rooms updated, but the computers were as well. Gone are the days of waiting half the class for the computer to start up, thanks to new solid state drives in all of the computer stations in the new labs!

The CyberHawks are also shifting into high gear this semester, with meetings every Thursday from 4-5:30 PM and Friday at 2 PM, prepping for the next Hackathon. This semester's Hackathon will be held here at MVCC on the 4th and 5th of November. If you'd like to be a part of the greatest hacking experience in upstate New York and are an enrolled MVCC student, contact the Club President, Greta Schaller, the club's faculty advisor, Mr. Jake Mihevic, or stop by one of the weekly meetings. The CyberHawks are always open to new additions!

Be sure to register for the Hackathon this semester! There are only 100 total spots and they're filling up fast! More info at

April Hackathon Update

As you may know, the Spring 2016 Hackathon was held at Utica College on April 22-23. Students from 10 schools were in attendance, including the MVCC Cyberhawks. The event began on Friday with presentations from guest lecturers, team formation, and a dinner. On Saturday, the students arrived at 9 am and after a reception breakfast, broke out into teams and began their work.

Overall, the Hackathon was a huge success! Everyone involved with the event agreed that this was the best one yet. Students were challenged dynamically by the red team based on how far they were progressing in the challenges.

Below is a picture of the Spring 2016 Cyberhawks and their mentor, Professor Jake Mihevc, at MVCC before the event's kickoff on Friday.

Cyberhawks before the event

For any students wishing to stay connected to their teams, the IRC chat used at the event is still online and available on the Hackathon website.

The next Hackathon will be held in the Fall semester of 2016 at MVCC on November 4th and 5th.

For more information please check out the event website at