Earn your associate degree in just over two years!

With MVCC's Adult Degree Programs (ADP), even busy working adults can earn their associate degree in just over two years! Attend classes one night a week and complete additional work online to reach your educational goals.  

We have you in mind! Focus on one class at a time and apply what you learn the next day to your job. MVCC makes it easy for you to take control of your life and make a career change in just over two years!

Earn college credit for what you already know!

Admission requirements

Students who are interested in enrolling in the Adult Degree Programs available at MVCC must meet specific admissions requirements, including:

Acceptance to the College

New students

Apply to the College by completing the online application and supply official high school transcripts/GED as well as official transcripts from any other higher education institution if applicable.

Previously attended MVCC

Students who have previously attended MVCC should connect with Admissions Specialist Kalynn Riedman: 315-792-5353 or kriedman@mvcc.edu.

Placement into college-level classes

  • English (with no remedial reading)
  • College-level Mathematics

Students must either sit for the MVCC placement test to determine eligibility or supply official transcripts from an accredited institution for transfer credit evaluation. Current transfer credit policy states, "Transfer credit is awarded for courses with a minimum grade equivalent of a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale."

Provide a resume

Resumes must display at least two years of work experience. Experience can include a collection of full- and part-time work, volunteerism, duties of a stay-at-home parent/caretaker, and military service. Please forward your resume to Admissions Specialist Kalynn Riedman: 315-792-5353 or kriedman@mvcc.edu.

Resumes can also be sent to their attention at this address: 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501.

Program interview

Students should be prepared to talk about their resume, educational goals, workload, and other daily obligations.