Learning through MV Online offers an innovative and flexible way for you to engage in your college experience. Some find that the level of interaction with thought-provoking ideas, with instructors, and with fellow students exceeds their expectations. Even if you never see any of your fellow students or your instructor, you´ll probably find that at the end of a course, you´ll know a great deal about them.
So, how does this all work? What should you expect?

For starters, you can expect that, like all online courses, you can access your courses at any time of the day and from any place in the world with an Internet connection. This may be a great benefit for those of you who are juggling school, work, and family responsibilities. Most of you knew that part. However, it is just as important to understand that online courses are real college courses, requiring real work and real time. While the flexibility is a wonderful, perhaps critical, aspect of online learning, this very same flexibility requires a greater degree of independence on your part than a classroom course might.

You should be aware of your own learning preferences. Some of you may learn best when you and the instructor are in the same room and you can ask questions and hear immediate feedback and explanations. On the other hand, some of you may be comfortable with, or even prefer, the asynchronous nature of online learning.

Online courses may not for everyone, but if you're an active, independent learner who takes initiative and seeks challenging and innovative experiences, we think you´ll enjoy MV Online courses.