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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement

The next academy for the law enforcement program will start August 31, 2019.  Interested students must attend an orientation session and take and pass the fitness test in order to receive further consideration for the program.  Orientation and Fitness Testing will begin in April 2019.  The dates for orientation and fitness testing will be posted on this site in March 2019.   

Program Information

   Mohawk Valley Community College has partnered with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office to offer the Police Pre-Employment Training Program, a quick-start alternative to traditional police academies, which require that a cadet be hired as a police officer before beginning training. In the case of pre-employment training, there is no such requirement. 

   The mission of the Police Pre-Employment Police Training Program is to  train individuals who  have the potential to become honest, ethical, knowledgeable, competent and fit law enforcement officers. Pre-Employment recruits receive 85 percent of the basic training required to become police officers in New York State, including emergency vehicle operation, defensive tactics, basic patrol tactics and procedures, and an educational foundation in law, all taught by law enforcement officials and MVCC adjunct faculty. The course is directed by Troy Little, who is retired from the New York State Police.

   Pre-Employment students do not receive firearms training, counter-terrorism awareness training, any defensive tactics that involve the use of a police baton, or field training. Additional training to complete the Basic Course for Police Officers can only be obtained once a student has been hired by a police agency and becomes a sworn police officer.

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