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Hospitality Programs

Technical Standards

To participate in any program of Culinary Arts, each student, with or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to safely and effectively :

• Communicate appropriately with faculty, staff, fellow students, College guests and customers in person, by telephone and email
• Participate in industry-relevant activity for up to six continuous hours, often standing and moving in laboratory classes
• Lift and transport a minimum weight of 25 pounds
• Maneuver in commercial kitchens, dining rooms and industry-related facilities
• Transport trays of food and beverages, serve and clear guest tables
• Use knives, commercial cooking utensils and operate commercial foodservice equipment
• Produce and evaluate the quality of all food and beverage products
• Handle and utilize commercial cleaning and sanitizing equipment and materials
• Complete physical tasks in a timely manner
• Perform multiple step procedures to produce recipes/formulas and perform industry-relevant tasks within a designated timeframe
• Input data into and retrieve data from a computer
• Complete job responsibilities on both day and night shifts
• Required to work safely as an individual and in teams within classrooms, laboratories, dining rooms, cafés, kitchen environments, and at externship locations. Examples of relevant activities include, but are not limited to, the ability to:

  • Develop professional working relationships with classmates, instructors, guests, employers, and others.
  • Function effectively under stress
  • Adapt to multiple situations and perform multiple tasks.
  • Adhere to the college’s Student Code of Conduct.
  • Focus and maintain attention on tasks.

The foregoing technical standards are essential to all programs of instruction in the Hospitality Programs and also reflect industry requirements and standards.

If you have some type of disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) which may require some special accommodation, please contact the Office of Accessibility Resources so that we can discuss your needs before services can begin, (formerly Disability Services Office), 792-5644, in Room 104H of the Payne Hall Building on the Utica Campus. (For the Rome Campus, students should contact the Student Services Office, PC A30, 334-7744). Staff members will review your documentation, determine your eligibility for accommodations, and decide what those accommodations will be.



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Hospitality Department

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