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Hospitality Program

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The Department of Hospitality prepares students for career placement and transfer to a four-year institution.

Empire Plate at MVCC

Culinary Arts Management prepares students for positions in the food service industry, including skills and knowledge in food preparation, baking, and catering. With experience and additional training, students may be qualified for positions leading to sous chef, executive chef, and/or kitchen (production) manager or catering manager. Instruction in this program takes place primarily at the Rome Campus.

Culinary Arts Management: Baking and Pastry Arts Retail baking is an important part of the food service industry. There are 23,000 independent bakers and 24,000 in-store bakeries generating annual sales of $18 billion.

Hotel Technology: Meeting Services Management deals with one of the fastest-growing careers in the hospitality field. It provides relevant education for those who wish to enter the industry or for persons currently employed within the industry who wish to upgrade their skills. Coursework includes management, marketing, human resources, accounting, business law, and computer applications

Food Service Administration: Restaurant Management prepares students for middle management and supervisory positions in the field of restaurant and hospitality operations. These positions require special skills and knowledge of food, business, service, and human relations. The program is strengthened by courses in general education, which allows students to develop wide-ranging interests. Instruction in this program takes place primarily at the Rome Campus.

Chef Training Certificate develops areas of technical competence and preparation for trainee positions in food preparation in the hospitality industry. It meets the challenges of the food service industry involving food preparation and service through the use of sound business principles. Graduates have established a basis for a career in the food service industry, and are qualified for entry-level positions in the production or service areas of the hospitality industry.


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Dining Reservations

Our students host events as a creative outlet for their classroom work. The Spring semester serves up multiple-course dinners in our new dining hall! 

Hospitality Department

Payne Hall 379A
Utica Campus

Robert - Joe Woodrow
Associate Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences