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Business, Cybersecurity, and Computer Sciences

MVCC’s Business, Cybersecurity, and Computer Sciences Department delivers dynamic instruction and proactive advisement to students as they pursue their academic goals. The programs are designed to ensure success upon program completion as students enter employment, transfer to a university partner, or explore entrepreneurship opportunities. Programmatic features, such as the business internship program and the Central New York Hackathon, help students develop robust practical skills and validate that the academic programs are aligned with industry needs.

The Administrative Assistant program is designed to provide students with the necessary background in word processing, databases, spreadsheets, business communications, and office administration for positions in technologically advanced offices.

Business and Information Systems programs provide a strong business core, sought-after computer and communications skills, and internship opportunities.

Cybersecurity programs prepare students to protect critical information in cyberspace and to design, implement, and support security policies, preparing students to transfer to upper-division programs or assume entry-level positions in the industry.

Computer Science programs provide the technical expertise, hardware and software proficiency, and communication skills necessary to transfer to a four-year program or launch a successful career.

Mission Statement

Mohawk Valley Community College provides accessible, high-quality educational opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our students.  We are the community’s college, committed to student success through partnerships, transfer and career pathways, and personal enrichment.



Business, Cybersecurity
and Computer Sciences Department

Payne Hall 301
Utica Campus

Jake (Michael) Mihevc
Associate Dean