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STEAM Meme Contest

STEM plus Art equals STEAM

Earlier this semester, MVCC's STEAM Advisory Committee held a STEAM Meme Contest designed to raise awareness of their work and to encourage development of the STEAM concept at the College. STEAM is an acronym that combines STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the Arts, and the committee is made up of MVCC faculty and staff interested in the similarities between these two normally divergent educational paths.

The contest invited all MVCC community members (students, faculty, staff, alumni) to create a STEAM meme that examined any relationship holding value between STEM and the Arts. Participants were asked to upload their meme to Instagram and tag @mvcc_steam. Winners were determined by Instagram likes and juried by members of the STEAM Advisory Committee. Contest winners are below. See full gallery of submitted memes.

Student winners

First place winner, Maiah DeGironimos meme








Maiah DeGironimo, First Place

Matt Larkins STEAM meme second place winner








Everyone: art majors aren't real.
Matt Larkin, Second Place

Jacqui Passalacquas STEAM meme, third place winner











Jacqui Passalacqua, Third Place

Faculty/staff winners

David Smith STEAM Meme







David Smith, Technical Assistant in the Physical Sciences, Engineering, & Applied Technology Department

Duane Isenbergs STEAM Meme





Duane Isenberg, Associate Professor in the Art Department

Jed Kimballs STEAM Meme







Jed Kimball, Professor in the Art Department