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STEAM Job Targeting Fair projects

Ann Lindsay is at MVCC and is working to be a part of the Nursing program here. More specifically, she would like to be a Hospice RN. After reviewing job descriptions, it became clear that the role of the Hospice RN is as a supervisor. It will be her job to ensure that those working beneath her are communicating effectively with both patients and the families of people under her care. As such, her role is to teach nurses how to teach effectively. This isn’t a focus within the Nursing program, so Ann worked with Dr. Fumin Pan, a tenured associate professor at MVCC, to try to better understand how to teach effectively. She interviewed Dr. Pan and researched articles on the subject before combining it all into a poster project that was presented in the Fall of 2017:

Student Ann Lindsey Job Targeting Fair poster project

Kate Polivka is an MVCC alumna who is working on getting a bachelor's degree in geology from Southern New Hampshire University, and her aim is to enter the petroleum industry. She did research on the petroleum industry before sending her presentation to Darren Schnare, a geological engineer at Corning, who reviewed her project and made recommendations. Her oral presentation was made at the Honors Fair this December:

Kate Polivkas PowerPoint project for the STEAM Job Targeting Fair


Jacqui Passalacqua-Fish is at MVCC pursuing further education to improve her current role at Indium Corporation. In addition to being a very successful employee in her current role, this wonder woman also owns a successful small business that she would like to see expanded. So to evaluate the likelihood of her success upon expansion she developed a business plan that she subsequently presented. She worked with Rick Short of Indium Corporation:

Jacqui Passalacqua-Fishs Job Targeting poster project


Sheila Burth is working to become a nursing home RN, and in this role she would be in charge of a wide range of staff responsible for moving people around. Her poster was on the principles of ergonomics, the concept of lifting with the best possible posture in an attempt to minimize back injuries:

Sheila Burths job targeting fair poster project


Haneen Alsaad is an MVCC alumna who would like to work professionally at a refugee camp. In her future role, she will be spending time advocating for refugees and working to improve their image.

Haneen AlSaads job targeting poster project


James Humphrey is a current MVCC student who would like to work on an ambulance. In his future role as a first responder, there is a strong chance he will come across someone whose primary language is Spanish, and with this prediction in mind, James developed a poster with common medical questions on an ambulance, explained why each one was important:

James Humphreys job targeting fair poster project