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STEAM Job Targeting Fair

Student with her STEAM Job Targeting Fair Poster Project

The Job Targeting Fair, designed by the MVCC STEAM Committee, is an event in which students who have a “dream job” in mind present an educational topic on a subject an employer would be interested in as a means of improving the chances of receiving a better job offer post-graduation. It is an opportunity for the student to have a formalized experience that they can use to transfer or get a job post-graduation. Current students, as well as former MVCC students who are between jobs or are interested in a minor career change, are encouraged to participate in the May program.

If you are a student interested in participating, or an instructor with students completing projects, contact Matt Waldron or Christine Miller.

This semester's event will take place at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 10, in Alumni College Center room 116 at MVCC's Utica Campus.

Steps for students to participate:

  1. Email STEAM Committee member Matt Waldron a job description you are interested in.
  2. Members of the STEAM Committee will work with you to decide on a project that you can complete outside of your standard education that will add to your “interview strength.”
  3. At this time, you also will discuss your presentation with an adequate “specialist” who will be able to evaluate the accuracy of your work.
  4. Do your research and background work for the project.
  5. Add your own materials to the template, then send it to your STEAM Committee member for revisions.
  6.  After several revisions and drafts, a final draft is sent to the specialist, who will evaluate it for accuracy and presentation.
  7. You will discuss changes with the specialist and STEAM member until a final draft is complete and the work is presented at the Honors Program Presentation in the Spring or Fall.

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