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Graphic Arts Technology

Graphic Arts Technology students work on projects at MVCC.

Program information

MVCC's Graphic Arts Technology Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students to connect the technology of the computer with the printing press. The world of digital graphics requires people who can make the connection between graphic design and printing. Graphic arts technologists understand design and can communicate in the language of the designer. They understand how jobs are printed and what technical requirements are necessary to meet the client’s expectations. Combining technology and creativity, graphic arts technology is a combination of electronic pre-press and graphic design. The degree leads to careers in printing technology, printing marketing and sales, digital pre-press, and presswork.  

The program enables students to begin careers as graphic technologists or transfer to 4-year programs at other institutions. Graduates transfer with full junior status to a four-year institution in a related field of study.

The program prepares students in a variety of professional areas:

  • Effective and appropriate communication
  • Articulate, persuasive and influential presentations when producing projects
  • Planning for successful and organized work flow
  • Effective interaction in a production environment
  • Logical thinking and quantitative problem-solving
  • Procedures in graphic art measurement and the geometry of layout

Prerequisites: Tools used in the program are required, costing approximately $100. One High School Mathematics Course or its equivalent is required.

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