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Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team

The Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team was created in 2008 to address and support the rationale for making changes in a variety of areas that affect Adjunct Faculty, including: 

  • compensation;
  • understanding of the College culture and climate;
  • student interactions;
  • recruitment and retention of Adjuncts;
  • professional development; and
  • engagement and better integration into the life of the College.

Members of the Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team  include:

Deborah Bogan, M.A.
Assistant Dean CAAH

Maria Ramos, M.S.
Professor Human Services

William Hysell, M.Ed.
Professor English

Justin Wilcox, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor Business Accounting

Marye Ianno, Adjunct

Susan D. Smith, M.A.
Adjunct & Service Learning Liaison

Mary Noti, Administrator, VPLAA