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I never really knew what kind of person I was until I took the StrengthsQuest test. After a long list of assorted questions about how I feel in certain situations and how I act around friends and others, the results were surprising to say the least.  Each one of my strengths plays a big part in how I perceive my work and life in general.

- Marketing major, used StrengthsQuest in his internship


After seeing my results everything just clicked.  I could see how I already did some of these things, but that if I chose to use them all of the time I could be better at relationships and school.  It was a great reminder that I already have the tools to succeed if I use them wisely.

- General Studies major, used StrengthsQuest in the Career Exploration Course



The most significant and positive effect from starting my class off with StrengthsQuest has been during the processing and sharing exercises we do together.  The sense of empowerment and affirmation is palpable as students explain to each other their unique set of talents and aptitudes.  Their public recognition and owning of these gifts sets the stage for a  stronger more robust sense of efficacy throughout the semester as we continually refer back to their strengths when approaching course content.  This is great stuff!

- David R. Katz III, Professor of Political Science & History


Students are excited to actually know their talents, and how to use them in their personal and academic life.  It is exhilarating to watch students blossom when they learn how a talent can improve academic success.

- Maria Salamida, College Seminar Instructor


I have been somewhat awed by the potentially transformative power of StrengthsQuest. Too often, students come to us not believing that they can succeed in academics, and this attitude is the product of having had a less than successful academic career to this point in their lives. StrengthsQuest highlights the fact that all students come to MVCC with natural talents, and  when these talents are cultivated and applied correctly to their academic endeavors, these students are not only able to succeed, but, in fact, they are well on their way to academic excellence. Positive psychology as applied in StrengthsQuest to academics is nothing short of revolutionary.

- Lewis J. Kahler, Dean of the Center for Arts & Humanities