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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff who are interested in taking the assessment can get a free code by emailing Jim Maio (jmaio@mvcc.edu) or Lizabeth Doherty (ldoherty@mvcc.edu).

There are also several trainings offered for faculty and staff interested in learning more about StrengthsQuest for personal or professional development, especially for those looking to use it with students. In addition to institute offerings that focus on specifics topics (Strengths-based advising, Using StrengthsQuest in ED100, etc.) there are also regular offerings of SQ102 and SQ103 that prepare instructors to teach using StrengthsQuest.

SQ 102: An Introduction to Strengths – 2.5 hours
This seminar will introduce participants, who have taken the Gallup StrengthsQuest and completed the online SQ 101, to utilizing asset-based philosophies in their work and personal lives, the Gallup StrengthsFinder tool and various strategies for better understanding their top 5 themes.
In this session participants will:
• Explore personal applications of a strengths-based and asset–based philosophy
• Explore and interpret the StrengthsQuest themes and how your individual themes combine and interact

SQ 103: Utilizing Strengths with Students – 2 hours
This seminar will build upon the outcomes and explorations in SQ 102 to enhance the participants’ understanding of how to utilize the Gallup StrengthsFinder themes with students. Various tools and strategies will be introduced to enhance students’ awareness of their themes, and how they can use them in academic settings. Participants also will explore strategies for using their own strengths to enhance their interactions with students.
This session builds upon SQ 101 and 102 to:
• Learn to engage students in strengths based discussions
• Help students to reflect on their use of strengths
• Explore strategies for helping students identify strategies on how to use their strengths in academics

Finally, there is a blackboard group for StrengthsQuest users where faculty and staff share ideas. Jim Maio or Lizabeth Doherty can add individuals to this group if you're interested.