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PTK Scholarship Information

There are thousands of scholarships available to Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members in the following categories:
1. Guaranteed institution-specific scholarships for PTK members.
2. Competitive national scholarships offered through PTK and partners of PTK.
3. Competitive institution and national scholarships that are open to all students.

The Lambda Beta Chapter hosted a Scholarship Night on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.  This events provide students with an opportunity to learn about unique transfer opportunities available to our honor students, hear about CollegeFish, and learn all about Phi Theta Kappa and other competitive scholarships.  Below you will find the handouts from that event.


1. Guaranteed institution-specific scholarships for PTK members

Over 700 institutions in the U.S., the District of Columbia and Canada provide transfer scholarships to PTK members.  Some institutions grant a specific amount (e.g. $3,000/year) to each PTK student and others set aside a certain amount of money to be split between however many PTK students enter in a given year.  In the application process PTK members sometimes have to provide a copy of their certificate to prove membership.  In rare situations students need a letter of verification for their transfer school that certifies membership.  If you need a letter, you can request it from the contact advisor for our chapter (Stephen Frisbee, sfrisbee@mvcc.edu).
A complete list can be found on the PTK website.  Additionally, if your transfer school is not listed as offering a PTK scholarship you should still ask your admissions counselor if one is available as they are sometimes not publicized.


2. Competitive national scholarships offered through PTK and partners of PTK

These include the Jack Kent Cooke, Lanza and Oberndorf scholarships among others.  There are scholarships with fall and spring deadlines, with some aimed at students entering their 2nd year of community college and others for those that are transferring.  Information about these opportunities can be found on the PTK website.


3. Competitive institution and national scholarships that are open to all students

Students in Phi Theta Kappa are often successful in receiving additional scholarships from other sources do to their high academic achievement and commitment to leadership and service.  The MVCC Foundation offers over 250 scholarships to students who will be at MVCC for the next semester.  The scholarships have either a November 15th or April 1st deadline and most utilize a common application. Additional information about the specific scholarships can be found on the Foundation website or in their office (Payne Hall 220).

For continuing or transferring students there also exist numerous scholarships through third party foundations and organizations.  The easiest way to access those is to create a profile and use the search feature on CollegeFish


Fall Scholarship Night Handout

Fall Scholarship Night Summary

Fall Scholarship Night Contact Information


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship

Goldwater Scholarship

Nursing Exam Scholarship

NCLEX Review Scholarship

Stephen Frisbee, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor, PH203, 315.792.5399, sfrisbee@mvcc.edu

Lizabeth Doherty, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor, ACC208, 315.792.5377, ldoherty@mvcc.edu

Dr. Dina Radeljas, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Advisor, PH353, 315.731.5715, dradeljas@mvcc.edu