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LA&S Mathematics & Science AS

Total Credit Hours: 62-64

This curriculum is designed to serve the interests of those students with goals and strengths in the mathematics and science fields while broadening their knowledge in allied disciplines and clarifying career objectives. In collaboration with a faculty advisor, students can plan a program of study that will prepare them to transfer to a baccalaureate program. Those areas of study available: Biology & Health Science: Life Science Department Chemistry: Engineering, Computer & Physical Sciences Department Geology: Life Science Department Mathematics: Mathematics Department Physical Education/Science: Life Science Department Sports Medicine: Physical Education Department Physics: Engineering, Computer & Physical Sciences Department Pre-Environmental Science & Forestry: Life Science Department
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1 Provide the students the opportunity to communicate results of scientific inquiry
  • 1a Students will produce and submit clear written reports of scientific inquiry.
Goal 2 Provide students with opportunities to collect, organize, and evaluate scientific information
  • 2a Students will identify the underlying scientific concepts of laboratory exercises.
  • 2b Students will acquire, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of different sources.
  • 2c Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to collect data.
  • 2d Students will analyze and interpret data in a written scientific lab report.
Goal 3 To provide students the opportunity to work in groups and diverse experiences and interactions.
  • 3a Students will work collaboratively in the laboratory demonstrating skill toward the completion of a common project.
  • 3b Students will attend DGV events and complete online DGV modules.
Goal 4 To prepare students to demonstrate analytical and computational skills
  • 4a Students will be able to present and interpret data using appropriate scale and format.
  • 4b Students will be able to quantify evolutionary processes.
Goal 5 To provide students with a sound academic curriculum for transfer to a related baccalaureate institution
  • 5a Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • 5b Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
Goal 6 To prepare mathematics majors to utilize appropriate technology
  • 6a Graduates will complete all required course work in the program including math through algebra and trigonometry, Biology 1 and 2, and Chemistry 1 and 2, and two lab science electives
  • 6b Graduates will complete seven of the ten SUNY silos of General Education.
General Requirements:
60-68 credit hours plus two credits of Physical Education, and College Seminar. At least 30 of these credits shall be selected from the Tier One and Tier Two Liberal Arts & Science Courses as shown on pages 22-23. A. 1. At least six of these 30 credits shall be from Language and Humanities, to include EN101 and EN102. 2. At least six of these 30 credits shall be from the follow ing social science areas: BM101 Survey of Economics, PY101 Introduction to General Psychology, SO101 Introduction to Sociology, AN101 Biological Anthropology, or PS101 American National Government. 3. At least six of these 30 credits shall be in mathematics, at a level approved by the Department administering the program. 4. At least eight of these 30 credits shall be in laboratory science, at a level approved by the Department administer ing the program. 5. The remaining four of these 30 credits shall be selected from either mathematics or science, at a level approved by the Department administering the program. B. See program of study listed for additional credits to meet program requirements. Students must meet with advisor to develop a comprehensive plan for meeting graduation requirements. Biology & Health Science

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