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Graphic Communication: Graphic Arts Technology AAS


Graduates of this program connect the technology of the computer with the printing press. The world of digital graphics requires people who can make the connection between graphic design and printing. Graphic arts technologists understand design and can communicate in the language of the designer. They understand how jobs are printed and what technical requirements are necessary to meet the client’s expectations. Combining technology and creativity, graphic arts technology is a combination of electronic pre-press and graphic design. The degree leads to careers in printing technology, printing marketing and sales, digital pre-press, and presswork. Tools used in the program are required, costing approximately $100. See Certificate Programs section for related certificate instruction. One High School Mathematics Course or its equivalent is required.
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1 The program will provide opportunities for students who have interest in beginning careers as professionals in graphic arts technology.
  • Graduates of the program will be employed in various sectors of the graphic arts industry.
Goal 2 The program will enable students to begin careers as graphic technologists or transfer to 4-year programs at other institutions.
  • Graduates of the program transfer with full junior status to a four-year institution in a related field of study.
Goal 3 The program will provide various career opportunities in graphic arts technology.
  • Students of the program will interact with a diverse student program population.
Goal 4 The program will serve the community by providing well trained employees to fill positions in the local graphic arts industry.
  • Graduates of the program will start new businesses and will continue to hire future graduates.
Goal 5 The program will prepare students to communicate in a manner appropriate to the subject area.
  • Students will make articulate, persuasive and influential presentations when producing projects.
Goal 6 Students will use planning to successfully organize production work flow.
  • Students will effectively use and understand planning documents used in the production of projects.
Goal 7 Students will effectively interact with each other and with faculty in a production environment.
  • Students will work with each other and faculty to successfully complete projects.
Goal 8 Students will demonstrate logical thinking and solve quantitative problems in the subject area.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate procedures used in graphic art measurement and the geometry of layout.
Goal 9 To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.
  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
First Semester
ED100 College Seminar
This course is an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to be successful in college. Students learn the importance of the faculty-student and advisor-advisee relationship, develop time management techniques, apply effective study skill techniques, recognize the implications of living in a diverse society, utilize college resources, and explore career and transfer requirements. Collaborative projects are included. Students matriculated in a degree program must take this course in their first term of study. See when this course is offered ...
FA100 Creativity in Art
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of creativity with an emphasis on understanding historically significant art styles. Students explore various types of visual expression and apply creative problem-solving principles to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects in a variety of media. Students are introduced to the masters, practices, and careers of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, graphic design, animation, film, digital media, illustration, and photography. See when this course is offered ...
FA105 Foundation Design
This course introduces the visual elements and principles of design. Emphasis is placed on compositional concepts and the mastery of a visual language. Course projects explore a variety of media, processes, and techniques to provide a broad view of visual problem solving. See when this course is offered ...
GD121 Digital Typography
This course covers the fundamentals of typesetting and typography. It includes a study of the development of type designs, typesetting methods, type measurement, and page layout. Computers are used to prepare multi-color mechanicals while becoming familiar with one or more software programs appropriate for typesetting and page construction. See when this course is offered ...
GD145 Digital Applications 1
This course introduces contemporary text manipulation, digital imaging, and digital illustration software. Students produce projects demonstrating their knowledge of both the software and the interfaces between page layout, raster graphics, and vector graphics. No previous software knowledge is required. See when this course is offered ...
GT124 Commercial Screen Printing
This course covers screen printing production, including the selection and preparation of materials, printer set up, printer operation, and troubleshooting as well as other materials, information, and equipment necessary to produce jobs. A desktop system is used to prepare artwork for production. See when this course is offered ...
PEXXX Physical Education Elective
Second Semester
EN101 English 1: Composition
EN101 English 1: Composition C-3 Cr-3 This course focuses on several kinds of writing-self-expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive, and others. A minimum of five essay compositions are required. The course emphasizes the composition of clear, correct, and effective prose required in a variety of professions and occupations.Prerequisites: The required developmental reading (DS051 Essential Reading & Study Skills, or SL115 ESL4: Advanced Reading, and/or writing courses (EN099 Introduction to College English or SL116 ESL4: Advanced Composition) or permission of the instructor or designee. Student Learning Outcomes: 1) Demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas in a clear and concise manner through informative, argumentative, formal and informal writing at a level suitable for successful college students. 2) Develop a practical and fundamental understanding of the relationship and interaction between the writer and the reader while exploring human knowledge, values, ethics, language, and social institutions. 3) Broaden the student’s intellectual autonomy and their ability to use language for the purposes of reading, writing, learning, communicating, and critical thinking. 4) Gain a practical understanding of primary and secondary sources and how to properly utilize and cite these sources. 5) Discuss the history and methodology of rhetoric and composition. 6) Exhibit clear concise writing skills in both professional and academic writing. 7) Achieve a level of writing fluency satisfactory for success in college courses. 8) Display a clear understanding of proper documentation procedures to avoid plagiarism. See when this course is offered ...
GT122 Digital Prepress
This course introduces prepress procedures that include document layout on the desktop computer, digital image assembly, planning and preparation for production, and printing output procedures. It provides practical, hands-on experience with equipment, materials and knowledge used in the industry and in subsequent courses. Prerequisite: GD121 Digital Typography. See when this course is offered ...
GT221 Prepress Procedures
This course covers the design and production of projects using computer software for the creation of graphic images, typesetting, and color separation. Corequisite: GT122 Digital Prepress. See when this course is offered ...
PT127 Creative Tech in Photography
This course introduces techniques used to create, edit, and manipulate photographs through both traditional and digital processes. Basic photographic principles and procedures are covered. Topics include the operation of SLR and DSLR cameras; wet lab photographic processes; digital methods and techniques; and alternative printing processes and media. The use of multiple forms of photographic media as a means of creative communication is emphasized. See when this course is offered ...
GD146 Digital Applications 2
This advanced course integrates contemporary text manipulation, digital imaging, and digital illustration software. Students complete industry standard projects demonstrating mastery of software. Prerequisite: GD 145 Digital Applications 1. See when this course is offered ...
PEXXX Physical Education Elective
Third Semester
EN102 English 2:Idea&Values Lit
This course encourages a deeper understanding of human nature and the human condition through the study of ideas and values expressed in imaginative literature. Emphasis is placed on the use and development of critical thinking and language skills. Library-oriented research is required. Prerequisite: EN101 English 1: Composition or EN106 English 1: Composition and Reading. See when this course is offered ...
GD221 Typography 1
This course explores visual problem solving as it relates to publication design. Students apply design principles and practice to various formats using the printed page. Students are introduced to the typographic grid and practice its application in the design process. Prerequisite: GD145 Digital Applications 1. See when this course is offered ...
GT123 Intro to Offset Presswork
This course provides the opportunity to learn basic skills of offset presswork sufficient for entry-level jobs. It covers the general capabilities and characteristics of the offset press. Essential press components such as cylinders, inks, dampeners, feeders and delivery systems are stressed. It includes the fundamentals of negative stripping and platemaking using additive and subtractive plates. Prerequisite: GD121 Digital Typography. See when this course is offered ...
GT125 Dye Sublimation and Vinyl Grph
In this course, students utilize computer software to design and produce graphic images, typesetting, and color separation. Finished projects represent the type of work produced in the graphic arts industry, including multi-color projects containing a wide variety of graphic images both photographic and computer-generated. See when this course is offered ...
MA108 Concepts in Mathematics
MA108 does not meet RIT Mathematics requirements. Please take MA110, MA139, MA140. Two Laboratory Natural Science courses are required at RIT as well.
PEXXX Physical Education Elective
Fourth Semester
GT222 Printing Production
This course concentrates on production procedures pertaining to offset lithography. It provides experience in the operation of printing presses and the creation and reproduction of projects through hands-on experience with available laboratory equipment. Professional practices are discussed and emphasized. The student portfolio is examined, discussed, and strengthened throughout the course. Prerequisite: GT221 Prepress Procedures. See when this course is offered ...
Core GE Social Science
Core GE Natural Science
GE Elective
GE Elective
PEXXX Physical Education Elective

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