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LA&S Childhood Education: Teacher Transfer AS

Total Credit Hours: 63

This program is the first step for students seeking teacher certification in Childhood Education (grades 1-6). In order to earn teacher certification, students must transfer to and complete an appropriate bachelor’s and master’s degree at a transfer institution. As part of the first two years of that process, students in this program complete all ten of the general education areas required by SUNY for a bachelor’s degree. They complete six hours of professional courses (ED150, and ED205), which include at least thirty hours of classroom observation. Students complete 15-18 credit hours in their concentration (Mathematics, English, History/Social Studies, or Science). Specific courses depend on the area of concentration and the transfer institution. It is important for students to contact the college to which they may transfer in order to plan their curriculum. In some cases, it may require careful planning for students to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years.
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1 To provide students with a core foundation of knowledge of the liberal arts
  • Students will successfully complete courses in 10 out of 10 SUNY General Education areas
  • Students will be able to demonstrate effective ways of utilizing technology as an aid to learning
Goal 2 To provide students with core concepts in multicultural education
  • Students will identify educational issues within a multicultural, diverse society
  • Students will complete 4 diversity tutorials.
  • Students will complete a minimum of 2 courses that meet the DGV requirements.
Goal 3 To provide students with core concepts in special education
  • Students will describe educational strategies used with special education populations
Goal 4 To provide students with an opportunity to explore education as a career path
  • Students will complete 45 hours of classroom observation.
  • Students will analyze teaching strategies and how they apply to teaching theory.
  • Students will analyze child behavior and apply developmental theories.
  • Students will interact with a diverse population of students.
Goal 5 To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy
  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.

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