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Media Marketing and Management

Total Credit Hours: 30

This certificate introduces the theory and procedures of the world of media sales. A combination of media and business management courses are taken, with elective choices that allow specific coursework in the area of interest. All courses apply toward the A.A.S. degree in Media Marketing and Management.
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1 To introduce the student to the theory and procedures of the world of media sales and to prepare them for entrance into the AAS degree Media Marketing and Management Program.
  • 1a Students will receive a comprehensive introductory to the fundamental theory and procedures of media marketing.
  • 1b Students will be able to transfer all Certificate coursework into the full 2-year AAS degree program in Media Marketing and Management at MVCC or an equivalent program at another college.
  • 1c Students will be able to learn the fundamentals involved in media marketing enabling them to study further in an apprenticeship role if they chose to do so.
Goal 2 To provide opportunity for students to use technology effectively to produce effective advertising.
  • 2a Students will be able to read and analyze research and selling results and use the information contained in the results to develop new marketing strategies.
  • 2b Students will be able to successfully produce a broadcast commercial utilizing production equipment.
Goal 3 To provide opportunities for students to utilize learned communication skills and techniques to produce effective marketing results within a group project experience.
  • 3a. Students will be able to successfully produce a script and storyboard working in groups of five, each with an assigned role.
  • 3b. Students will work together to organize and present an effective selling plan appropriate to the product.
Goal 4 To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.
  • 4a. Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • 4b. Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
First Semester
MD140 Principles of Advertising
This course covers the theory, role, scope, and practice of modern advertising. It investigates how and why consumers respond to advertising and how persuasion motivates action. It explores consumer and advertising research techniques. See when this course is offered ...
Business Management Elective
MD151 Fundamentals of Media
This course introduces the types and characteristics of vehicles that carry advertisements. It investigates advertising media - newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc. - and their advantages and limitations. See when this course is offered ...
MD161 Visual Communication
This course covers the designing of advertising layouts in black and-white media as well as color. Emphasis is placed on formulating basic design and drawing principles, with particular stress on application. See when this course is offered ...
MD141 Dig. Video & Copywriting
This course introduces the field of broadcast advertising. It explores the artistic and technical potential of commercial production and covers the production of 30-second radio and 30-second television commercials. It includes hands-on experience with camcorders, non-linear video and audio editing systems, and state-of-the-art digital animation programs used by the television commercial industry. See when this course is offered ...
MD152 Print Media & Prod
This course examines publications, direct mail, outdoor, and other print advertising vehicles. Reproduction processes, utilization, and the preparation for each process are discussed. It includes field trips to printing plants and the creation of print layouts. See when this course is offered ...
BM264 Professional Selling
This course covers the essential skills to sell a product, service, or idea. Activities include the writing and preparing of a detailed presentation plan as well as the expository delivery of the plan. See when this course is offered ...
EN150 Effective Speech
This course is an introduction to public speaking. It emphasizes the fundamentals of preparing, organizing, supporting, and delivering the speech based on factual material. It includes topic selection, audience analysis, fact vs. opinion, outlining, supporting material, and visual support. Informative, demonstrative, and persuasive speeches are presented. Elements of interpersonal communication, logic, and persuasion are discussed. Prerequisite: EN101 English 1: Composition or EN106 English 1: Composition and Reading. See when this course is offered ...

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