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Total Credit Hours: 31

This certificate is for individuals who desire employment with an insurance firm. Successful completion of the two insurance courses meets the New York State educational requirements to take licensing examinations in property and casualty insurance. All of the courses can be applied toward the A.A.S. degree program in Financial Services Management.
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1. To prepare the students for entry level positions in financial services (insurance)
  • 1 Graduates seeking a job secure a position in the field of financial services or are seeking further education or transfer to a degree program in financial services, management or accounting.
Goal 2. To prepare the students to interact effectively within a diverse business population.
  • 2. Students will interact effectively within a diverse student population by completing collaborative projects.
Goal 3. To prepare the student to communicate effectively
  • 3. Students will communicate appropriately with instructors and peers through classroom assignments and/or projects.
Goal 4. To train students to solve problems for the financial services and accounting industry
  • 4. Students will analyze and solve accounting problems.
Goal 5. To introduce students to a variety of international business scenarios
  • 5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of world-wide issues related to business.
Goal 6. To prepare students to gather, organize, manage, and interpret data
  • 6. Students will demonstrate the ability to derive information from data and apply information toward making decisions.
Goal 7. To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy
  • 7a Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • 7b. Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
Plan of Study:
AC131 Business Law 1
This basic law course investigates the application of law to societal and business relationships through a study of the concept of commercial law and its sources, the law of contracts, the law of sales, and the law of negotiable instruments. Lecture, class discussion, and case study comprise the primary methods of instruction In the effort to develop awareness of the logic and application of the law. See when this course is offered ...
AC230 Financial Management
This course develops the role of the finance function and financial decision-making as it relates to the entire business organization. It stresses the financial planning of the requirements for funds, the effective acquisition of these funds (from internal sources and from capital markets), and the control of the use of these funds within the business. Prerequisite: AC116 Managerial Accounting. See when this course is offered ...
BM108 Personal Finance
This course teaches the fundamentals of personal finance through the creation of a financial plan, management of personal finances, and reaching personal financial goals. Topics include the establishment of financial objectives (home ownership, education, and retirement), budgeting and savings, personal income tax, investments (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds), retirement, and estate planning. The effective use of and management of credit is covered. See when this course is offered ...
BM120 Prin of Marketing
This course emphasizes the basic practices, concepts, and activities involved in developing a successful marketing program. Topics include buyer behavior, market identification, product development, distribution, promotion, pricing, and the uncontrollable factors (economic, social, political, legal and technological) involved in the changing marketing environment of today. See when this course is offered ...
BM129 Business Math
This course reviews basic arithmetic processes to develop speed and accuracy in working with decimals, fractions, and percentages. Calculators are used to solve business problems, including simple and compound interest, discounting promissory notes, present value, installment purchases, and mortgages. Retail mathematics covers the areas of purchase and cash discounts, trade discounts, and markup of merchandise. Topics may also include the mathematics of sales and property taxes and payroll. Problem-solving exercises are completed through applications and exercises. Prerequisite: An appropriate Mathematics Placement test result. See when this course is offered ...
BM240 Personal Lines Insurance
This course explores the major forms of Personal Lines insurance through policy and statute analysis. It covers basic insurance concepts along with dwelling, homeowner, flood, personal automobile, and personal umbrella policies. This course also details New York State’s agent/broker licensing laws and business practices. Subject to attendance requirements, this course meets the 40-hour educational requirement for the New York Personal Lines Agent/Broker examinations (Series 10-54). See when this course is offered ...
BM243 Commercial Insurance
This course explores the major forms of Commercial insurance through policy and statute analysis. It covers basic insurance concepts along with commercial property, commercial general liability, commercial automobile, commercial crime, inland marine, and workers compensation insurance. This course also details New York State’s agent/broker licensing laws and business practices. Subject to attendance requirements, this course completed in addition to BM240 Personal Lines Insurance, meets the 90-hour educational requirement for the New York Property and Casualty Insurance Agent (Series 10-55) and Broker (Series 10-56) examinations. Prerequisite: BM240 Personal Lines Insurance. See when this course is offered ...
BM251 Organizational Behavior
This course is the study of how individuals and groups act in organizations. It explores a systems approach in developing organizational and human resource objectives, as well as a holistic approach in examining relations among groups, individuals, and systems as they relate to the organization. See when this course is offered ...
IS101 Computers and Society
This course provides knowledge of relevant computer skills and a solid foundation in the terminology and concepts of computer technology. Experience is provided with a variety of microcomputer software applications, including word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, file management, and integrated software. Concepts and terms focus on preparing for a technologically oriented society and using the computer as a tool for productivity, research, and communication. See when this course is offered ...
IS200 Spreadsht Concpts & Apps
This course expands the knowledge of those already familiar with the basic elements of electronic spreadsheets. It examines the various uses for a spreadsheet in business. Intermediate and advanced spreadsheet techniques are examined, including the power of functions, formatting, analytical graphics, and macros. Prerequisites: IS101 Computers and Society or IS100 Introduction to Computers and Society; and a Mathematics Placement test result appropriate for MA110 Elementary Statistics or MA115 Intermediate Mathematics. See when this course is offered ...
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