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Administrative Assistant

Total Credit Hours: 30

This certificate is for individuals interested in obtaining entry level office skills. It provides students with the necessary background in office applications to be able to draft, edit, produce, store, and retrieve documents. The certificate will also provide a background in business communications and office administration.
Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1 To prepare the students to interact effectively within a diverse business population
  • 1a) Students will interact effectively within a diverse student population by working collaboratively
Goal 2 To prepare the student to communicate effectively
  • 2a) Students will communicate appropriately with instructors and peers through written or oral assignments
  • 2b) Students will visually and graphically communicate through presentations and/or projects
Goal 3 To train students to solve business problems
  • 3a) Students will demonstrate the use of computers as a problem solving tool
  • 3b) Students will analyze and solve case studies
Goal 4 To introduce students to a variety of international business scenarios
  • 4a) Students will demonstrate an understanding of world-wide issues related to business
  • 4b) Students shall investigate various international issues through the use of media
Goal 5 To prepare the student with the skills and knowledge needed to create effective office documents
  • 5a) Students shall demonstrate the ability to use word processing, business communications and presentation software
  • 5b) Students shall demonstrate the ability to use database and spreadsheet software
Goal 6 To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy
  • 6a) Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology
  • 6b) Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information
First Semester
AA111 Keyboarding - Basic
This course introduces proper computer keyboarding techniques, builds speed and accuracy, and provides practice in formatting personal and business documents. See when this course is offered ...
AA208 Office Administration
This course introduces the scope and responsibilities of administrative office management. Topics include information management as it relates to planning, organizing, operating, and controlling office operations, management leadership and human relations factors, salary administration, labor management relations, and office personnel problems and practices. See when this course is offered ...
BM108 Personal Finance
This course teaches the fundamentals of personal finance through the creation of a financial plan, management of personal finances, and reaching personal financial goals. Topics include the establishment of financial objectives (home ownership, education, and retirement), budgeting and savings, personal income tax, investments (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds), retirement, and estate planning. The effective use of and management of credit is covered. See when this course is offered ...
EN101 English 1: Composition
EN101 English 1: Composition C-3 Cr-3 This course focuses on several kinds of writing-self-expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive, and others. A minimum of five essay compositions are required. The course emphasizes the composition of clear, correct, and effective prose required in a variety of professions and occupations.Prerequisites: The required developmental reading (DS051 Essential Reading & Study Skills, or SL115 ESL4: Advanced Reading), and/or writing courses (EN099 Introduction to College English or SL116 ESL4: Advanced Composition) or permission of the instructor or designee. Student Learning Outcomes: 1) Demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas in a clear and concise manner through informative, argumentative, formal and informal writing at a level suitable for successful college students. 2) Develop a practical and fundamental understanding of the relationship and interaction between the writer and the reader while exploring human knowledge, values, ethics, language, and social institutions. 3) Broaden the student’s intellectual autonomy and their ability to use language for the purposes of reading, writing, learning, communicating, and critical thinking. 4) Gain a practical understanding of primary and secondary sources and how to properly utilize and cite these sources. 5) Discuss the history and methodology of rhetoric and composition. 6) Exhibit clear concise writing skills in both professional and academic writing. 7) Achieve a level of writing fluency satisfactory for success in college courses. 8) Display a clear understanding of proper documentation procedures to avoid plagiarism. See when this course is offered ...
IS101 Computers and Society
This course provides knowledge of relevant computer skills and a solid foundation in the terminology and concepts of computer technology. Experience is provided with a variety of microcomputer software applications, including word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, file management, and integrated software. Concepts and terms focus on preparing for a technologically oriented society and using the computer as a tool for productivity, research, and communication. See when this course is offered ...
Second Semester
AA106 Business Communications
This course covers the fundamental principles of effective business correspondence, report writing, and oral communications. These principles are applied first to sentences and paragraphs, and then to specific types of business communications. It includes a review of spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, and composition as necessary. See when this course is offered ...
AA112 Keyboarding - Intermediate
This course concentrates on increasing keyboarding speed and accuracy, and providing practice on more advanced word processing and desktop publishing projects. Prerequisite: AA111 Keyboarding - Basic See when this course is offered ...
Restricted Elective
Any AA, AC, BN, IS (Except AA107 and IS100)
IS130 Dsktop Publishing - Business
This course introduces the principles of desktop publishing in a business environment. Professional quality business documents are designed and produced that combine text, graphics, illustrations, and photographs in documents such as letterheads, business cards, flyers, brochures, promotional documents, and newsletters. Prerequisite: IS101 Computers and Society or IS100 Introduction to Computers and Society. See when this course is offered ...
EN150 Effective Speech
This course is an introduction to public speaking. It emphasizes the fundamentals of preparing, organizing, supporting, and delivering the speech based on factual material. It includes topic selection, audience analysis, fact vs. opinion, outlining, supporting material, and visual support. Informative, demonstrative, and persuasive speeches are presented. Elements of interpersonal communication, logic, and persuasion are discussed. Prerequisite: EN101 English 1: Composition or EN106 English 1: Composition and Reading. See when this course is offered ...

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