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Common Registration Errors

"Prerequisite and Test-score"

Many upper-level courses require students to complete introductory-level courses before registering for them.  Also, courses such as math and English require students to earn specific scores on our placement test to be eligible to register for them.

Prerequisite requirements can be overridden by a faculty advisor or a full-time advisor from the Academic Advising Center.  The error will only be overridden once proper proof is shown indicating that the prerequisite has been successfully completed, such as transfer credit or Advanced Placement scores.


Courses cannot be scheduled during the same time as others, because we know you cannot physically be in two places at the same time.  If a course ends at 5:00pm and another begins at 5:00pm, an error will also occur.

We require that each professor in the two courses give consent to override the time-conflict.  Once consent is given, you may bring the add/drop form to the Registrar's Office.

"LINK Error"

Some courses require a lecture section as well as a lab section.  You are not allowed to register for just a lecture or just a lab section by itself.

You must register for both CRN codes at the same time, i.e. put both CRN codes into the boxes before submitting changes.

"Closed - Waitlist"

Sometimes courses you need close quickly and waitlisting allows you to "get in line" for seats that open in the course.

Next to the course is a drop-down menu that will offer you the option to waitlist the course.  Once you have chosen the "waitlist" option, click on "Submit Changes" and you will be added to the waitlist.  PLEASE NOTE: Waitlisted courses will not show on your schedule, as you do not have a seat in them.  To see what courses you are waitlisted for, please refer to your SIRS account and the "Add or Drop Courses" screen.

"Course must be approved by . . ."

We offer courses that are limited to certain majors, such as EI 201 (Interpreting 1), or certain groups of students, such as learning community courses.  In order to register for these courses, they require permission from the instructors or from advisors.

Students wishing to get into learning community courses must speak with a full-time advisor from the Academic Advising Center.  The instructors required for signatures are usually listed and the Academic Advising Center can provide necessary contact information.

"Maximum credit hours reached"

Current and new students are allowed to register for a maximum of twenty-one and a half (21.5) credit-hours each semester.  Students on Academic Probation are limited to a total of fourteen (14) and students who have been academically dismissed are limited to six (6).

If you wish to take more than twenty-one and a half credit-hours (21.5), you must speak with Jennifer DeWeerth for permission.  Students on Academic Probation or Dismissal will not be allowed to take over the maximum number of credits allowed.


Online Chat

Jennifer DeWeerth
Associate Dean of Student Enrollment and Retention


Utica - Payne Hall 104B
Rome - Plumley Complex A30

Phone (Utica): (315) 731-5710
Phone (Rome): (315) 334-7709
Fax: (315) 792-5696

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