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Advising "How To" Guides

The Academic Advising Center has created a number of "How To" guides to provide reference for and help students understand some of the basic processes of the college.  It is important to note that these guides are meant to be used as a general reference for instructions and may not always contain the exact information one is looking for.  The information provided, however, is enough for independent troubleshooting and answering general questions.


"How To"

Search for courses on the MVCC website

Register for courses at MVCC

Deal with common registration errors

Change your major

Online Chat

Jennifer DeWeerth
Associate Dean of Student Enrollment and Retention Services


Utica - Payne Hall 104B
Rome - Plumley Complex A30

Phone (Utica): (315) 731-5710
Phone (Rome): (315) 334-7709
Fax: (315) 792-5696

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