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Leveraging the Board/CEO Partnership to Foster a Vibrant Organizational Culture
(With T. Colon and C. Kahler). Association of Community College Trustees Annual Conference, October, 2018, New York City, NY.
Relevance: Shaping Organizational Culture to Implement Guided Pathways
SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #3, September 26, 2018, Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY.
Creating a Culture of Anticipation
Strategic Planning Retreat, August 15, 2018, Jefferson Community College, NY.
Leading Change, Shaping Culture
SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #1, March 16, 2018, Monroe Community College, NY. 
Leadership Insights for IR in Disruptive Times
(Conference Opening Keynote Address), Northeast Assocation of Institutional Research, November 19, 2017, Jersey City, NJ.
Creating a Culture of Anticipation
(Invited All-College Plenary Keynote), Saskatchewan Polytechnic, August, 2017, Regina, SK and Saskatoon, SK.
Shaping Organizational Culture through Professional Development
(With S. Cain, M. Eannace, D. Pollard), American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference, April, 2017, New Orleans, LA.
Creating a Healthy Board for a Healthy College
(With T. Colon, R. Frank, D. Mathis, T. Murrell), Association of Community College Trustees Annual Conference, October, 2016, New Orleans, LA.
The Transformational Power of Community Colleges
(Invited All-College Plenary Keynote), Mott Community College, September, 2016, Flint, MI.
How Community Colleges Can Address Challenges of Poverty
(Invited workshop presenter), "We've Got Your Back" Student Success Statewide Conference, July, 2016, Utica, NY.
Rethinking the Future: A mindset of renewal
(Invited luncheon keynote), Madison County Economic Development Summit, May,  2016, Hamilton, NY.
Re-imagining Strategic Planning to Drive Resource Allocation
(Invited presenter with M. Buttenschon), Middles States Association Institutional Follow-Up Workshop, March, 2016, Philadelphia, PA.
Re-imagining Strategic Planning to Drive Resource Allocation
(with M. Buttenschon), Middle States Association Conference, December, 2015, Washington D.C.
In Search of Abundance: Strategic Tools for the New Normal
(with Dr. L. Glenn), Chair Academy Conference, April, 2013, Phoenix.

Brighten Your future with a Strengths Based Organizational Culture
(with C. Haynes, J. Maio, K. Wunderlich), Chair Academy Conference, March, 2012, Atlanta, GA
Campaign as Catalyst
(with F. DuRoss & D. Ferro), National Council for Resource Development, November, 2011, Washington D.C.
Higher Education's Role in Strengthening Cyber security Capabilities-President's Panel
Cyber security Summit at Utica College, June 2011, Utica, NY.
Leadership Strategies for Managing the Perception of Change
The Chair Academy Annual Conference, March 2011, Dallas, TX
The Role of Continuing Education in Higher Education – President’s Panel
(With Dr. T. Schwarz & Dr. W. Richards) Continuing Education Association of 
New York (CEANY) Annual Conference, October 2010, West Point, NY
Leadership in Action
(With Dr. R. Jubenville) National Council of Instructional Administrators Leadership Academy, April 2009, Phoenix, AZ 
A Comprehensive Approach to Transforming Vocational Education
Association of Community College Trustees Annual Conference, September 2003, Denver, CO
Using Staff Development to Engage in Accreditation
(With S. Hoffman) Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association Annual Forum, April 2003, Chicago, IL
Reorganization to Transformation: Making the most of your efforts
(With T. Pensabene & J. Mangini) Consortium for Community College Development Summer Institute, June 2002, Kansas City, MO
Placement Paradox: Students’ Right to Fail or Right to Succeed?
ACT Nebraska State Conference, March 2000, Lincoln, NE
Organizational Climate: An Overlooked Dimension of Institutional Effectiveness
With J.D. Brown) Association of Institutional Research, June 1999, Seattle, WA
Global Gold Mine: Uncovering Your Institution’s Strengths Before Internationalizing.
(With R. Russell) National Association of Foreign Student Advisors, May 1999, Denver, CO
Lessons in Organizational Transformation
(invited by Robert Barr as co–keynote, with L. Bowman)
Aims Community College Staff Development Day, April 1999, Greeley, CO
Using the Web for Student Services
Community College Student Services Conference, February 1999, Denver, CO
Organizational Transformation: Honoring the Past–Creating the Future
(With L. Bowman & L. Spraggs) Conference on the Learning Paradigm, January 1999, San Diego, CA
Understanding Organizational Culture to Improve Strategic Planning
Society of College and University Planners, July 1998, Vancouver, BC
Joint Discovery: An NCA Assessment Plan in Action
(With V. Ingram, M. Smith, J.D. Brown) Colorado Regional Higher Education Assessment Conference, April 1996, Boulder, CO
lnstitutional Effectiveness: A Labor of Love
(With J. Parks–Andrews) Michigan Association of Institutional Research, October 1993, Cadillac, MI