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"...institutional assessment efforts should not be concerned about valuing what can be measured but, instead, about measuring that which is valued."

-- Banta, T. W., Lund, J. P., Black, K. E., & Oblander, F. W.

Assessment in practice: Putting principles to work on college campuses

The Institutional Effectiveness Council

The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the implementation of the assessment process at MVCC and provides broad representation from the College community. The IEC helps to ensure the reporting of data to responsible Units and the follow–up necessary to improve programs and services throughout the College.


Purpose:The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Council is to maintain and coordinate the implementation of assessment processes at the College.
Charter Sponsor
President's Cabinet

1. Director of Institutional Research & Analysis - Co-Chair (ongoing)
2. Assessment Liaison-Co-Chair (ongoing)
3. Registrar (ongoing)

 Elected each year within the Center
 1. Faculty - Center for Arts and Humanities
Charter Contact
College President
4. Faculty - Center for Language and Learning Design
5. Faculty - Center for Life and Health Sciences
 6. Faculty - Center for Math, Engineering, Physical Science, and Applied Technology
 7. Faculty – Center for Social Sciences, Business, and Information Sciences
Appointed Each Year
8. At-Large - (appointed by President)
 9. At-Large - (appointed by Vice President for Administrative Services)
10. At-Large - (appointed by Associate Vice President)
11. At-Large - (appointed by Vice President for Student Services)
* Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (invited as appropriate)


Task Action
Select and evaluate appropriate activities necessary for assessing the outcomes identified in the Institutional Effectiveness process Select & evaluate
Provide assistance for assessment in each Unit through the selection of assessment tools and the development and implementation of their assessment plans  Provide assistance
Review the results of assessment findings to ensure the validity/reliability of the assessment procedures Review results
Initiate follow-up inquiries to ensure that Units have linked assessment findings with their annual plans Follow-up
Serve as a source for verification that the results of assessment findings have been used for improvement Verify use of results
Facilitate the communication and dissemination of assessment findings to the appropriate areas of the College Facilitate Communication

Make final determinations; discuss contractual issues
  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Keep the College Senate and President’s Cabinet informed of your activity and include them in your processes whenever possible
  • Stay closely connected to the strategic planning process
  • Provide a focus on building a culture of assessment that uses data for more informed decision making