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Student Success Council

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Student Success Council (SSC), formerly the ATD Core Team, is to act as the Steering Committee for all college-wide student success initiatives; to coordinate, support and leverage resources and to provide communication to the College.

Charter Sponsor:   President and President's Cabinet   

Charter Contact: Randy VanWagoner, President


  1. Stephanie Reynolds, Co-Chair
  2. Dina Radeljas, Co-Chair
  3. Jill Heintz
  4. Troy Little
  5. Todd Behrendt
  6. Marie Miknavich
  7. Jennifer DeWeerth
  8. Alan Hazen
  9. Ibrahim Rosic
  10. Salina Billins
  11. Jim Daoreuang
  12. Jean Leandre
  13. Amanda Miller
  14. Alex Haines-Stephan
  15. Alen Smajic
  16. Jim Myers
  17. Lew Kahler
  18. Joe Woodrow
  19. Randy VanWagoner


Participate in all Achieving the Dream activities offered by the NetworkParticipate
Continuously review student success data as analyzed by CIA to ensure alignment with the College’s Strategic PlanReview
Facilitate College-wide communication plan with Marketing and Communication to inform and coordinate all student success initiatives.Facilitate
Assist in providing necessary support resources to ensure that initiatives are leveraged and effective.Assist
Continually map student success initiativesMap
Inform  President and President’s Cabinet of college-wide initiatives and action steps that should be considered based on continuous review of dataInform
Celebrate SuccessCelebrate


Decide personnel issues; discuss contractual issues


• Keep the College mission front and center
• Focus on becoming a college-wide network to leverage initiatives and collective resources.
• Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue


September 2018