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Student Success Council

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Student Success Council (SSC), formally the Achieve the Dream Core Team, is to coordinate college-wide efforts to increase student completion at the College. 

Charter Sponsor:   Strategic Planning Council (SPC)     

Charter Contact: Randy VanWagoner, President


  1. Stephanie Reynolds, Co-Chair
  2. Dina Radeljas, Co-Chair
  3. Jill Heintz
  4. Troy Little
  5. Todd Behrendt
  6. Marie Miknavich
  7. Jennifer DeWeerth
  8. Sam Lilly
  9. Maryrose Eannace
  10. Ibrahim Rosic
  11. Salina Billins
  12. Jim Daoreuang
  13. Jean Leandre
  14. Amanda Miller
  15. Alex Haines-Stephan
  16. Alen Smajic
  17. Jim Myers
  18. Lew Kahler
  19. Joe Woodrow
  20. Randy VanWagoner


Participate in all Achieving the Dream activities offered by the NetworkParticipate
Coordinate analysis of student success data with the  Council for Initiative Analytics (CIA)Coordinate analysis
Work with SPC to coordinate and prioritize implementation strategies regarding student completion efforts.Coordinate & prioritize
Assist with communication of all student success efforts throughout the College.Communicate
Engage all campus employees in understanding how they contribute to the success of students.Engage employees
Continuously apprise the College of student success initiatives being undertaken, progress being made and challenges being encountered.Communicate


Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues


• Keep the College mission front and center
• Be creative and think big
• Have patience with yourself, with others, and the College as a whole
• Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue